Yes, you can do both. I know, it’s hard to believe. That doesn’t make it any less true, however. Trust me in this regard. You can party and still get the grades you need. You don’t even have to do the dodgy thing (though befriending free geeks and inviting them to parties sure is a great strategy if you need help later on with assignments).

How do you do that? Well, read on!

It’s not about how much you study

The first thing that you have to accept is that if you want to get good grades you can’t party all day, every day. You also need to study. That’s pretty obvious. What is less obvious is when you study. You see, a lot of people that party a lot seem to think that the best way to get through university is party hard until the end of the semester and then try to do everything in a mad panic.

That might work if you’re super smart and can pull all-nighters as easily studying as you can party. The thing is, most of us can’t do that.

Besides, there are other options. The best one of those is to study a little every day. Every day make sure that you crack open those textbooks for at least two or three hours and that you actually read and study what you're supposed to be studying.

The reason this works is that those first few hours of hard work are many times more valuable than the hours that come afterward. As we take in more information we reach overload, after which every bit of new information becomes harder to take in.

And so, what you learn in those first few hours can be more valuable than everything you manage to do in the last 10.

Repetition is key

Our brains learn through repetition. What’s more, though we may think that we know information, what we instead have only achieved is that we recognize it when we’re presented with it again (like that person you recognize when you see them, but whose face you can’t recall). That’s certainly not the same. For that reason, when there is some information that is vitally important, make sure that you don’t read it just that once. Go over it again a few days or a week later. The second time, as you recognize what you’re reading, will go much faster, so it won’t even cost you lots of time.

And at the end of the semester, it will be incredibly valuable as the information just needs to be rehearsed, instead of learned entirely from scratch. That means that you can still go out, still have fun and still ace your tests. Yes, that does sound amazing, doesn’t it?

Be aware of what technology can do for you

There is a huge amount of technology out there that can help you with your studies. For example, Stay Focused will help you block out social media and other distracting websites for those hours that you want to study so that you’re not tempted to do other stuff instead.

studies let you put all the important information in your phone so that you will know when assignments are due and exams are coming up. Of course, you’ll have to work up the discipline to use it correctly, but if you can do that then it can be invaluable to getting those master grades.
One more thing, don’t translate studying materials by a computer. Do it yourself or get help from the word point.

Evernote, in the meantime, will let you collect all your websites, documents and links in one place and then share those across multiple devices, so that what you find on the internet stays found and you can keep working, collecting and curating documents for your studies whatever device you’re on – that will come in handy as the boys go get another keg, right?

Don’t study with your party friends

The truth of the matter is, most party people will not put a priority on studying. And so, if they study with you, they’ll often actually be more of a distraction than a help, as they come up with a dozen and one suggestion as to why you should be at Mike’s house rather than in your bedroom hitting the books.

For that reason, have party friends and have study friends. There can be a little bit of overlap, but make sure that it’s only the good kind (people that can do both) and not the bad kind (the kind of person that makes it worse for everybody else).

You can be honest about this with your party friends. ‘No, I don’t want to study with you because I actually want to ace this exam rather than see how many beers I can drink.’ They might not like you saying this, but at least they’ll understand where you’re coming from (if they don’t, then they’re not actually friends). And if they’re incredibly persistent about studying with you and then distracting you, at least you can make it perfectly clear as to why it’s not working.

Last words

You can study and party. You can be a party queen and an honors student. It is possible. It just means using the hours you’ve got in your day more efficiently. It means scheduling the right activity for the right time. A study in the day – at least a few hours – so that you can party at night.

It means knowing your limits so that you don’t spend too many days a week hungover (because I can’t open a book when I can barely open my eyes). It means understanding that sometimes you’ve got to do things that aren’t so enjoyable today so that you can have even more fun tomorrow.


If you can pull that off, then you will be an A student party queen. What’s more, you’ll also have incredibly valuable skills that will serve you well throughout the rest of your life. And there is always something to be said for that.