If you've ever noticed your grandchild fussing with clothing while playing, you understand the importance of quality romp-wear for kids. Trying to run wild and free while wearing uncomfortable gear leads to grumpy grandkids, so spare them - and yourself - the disagreeable experience and read up on how to buy the best running gear for your kid’s kid.

Buy Quality

You may hear people extolling the virtues of buying bargain clothing for kids because they grow out of it so fast. What's the point of buying good quality clothing if it won't last a season? Just this: if you buy cheap clothes, it won't last half a season anyway, and you'll end up having to spend money to replace it. Ultimately, you'll end up spending more. It’s better to invest in good quality gear from the get-go, and save money in the long-run.

Buy to Dry

While not all of our grandbabies have reached their sweet and smelly adolescence, most kids are going to sweat, so they need dry fast sports gear.  Polyester is a great pick, since it wicks moisture away from the skin, which will keep kids dry and comfortable.

Buy to be Multi-Functional

Get gear that can do double or triple duty as sports wear, lounge gear or travel clothing. Designers are coming up with some seriously nifty ways to make kids clothing ingeniously transitional, so buy the brands that are going to extra mile to increase each item’s wearability. 

Buy to Wash

Running clothing was made to get dirty - just like your grandchild. This means you should read the care instructions before you buy. If the label outlines elaborate washing and drying instructions, move on. Parents have enough on their plates with demanding kids: they don’t need to contend with demanding sportswear, too.  

And finally…

Buy for Them

This sounds obvious, but parents and grandparents sometimes buy what they'd like to see the kids in, not what the kids would actually want to wear. There are tons of fun and colourful styles out there, so you'll have tons of opportunity to buy something your grandchild and you will both love.

Happy shopping!