A digital scoring table has become a modern addition to any sports center. These devices have been used at first in professional basketball courts, but over the years, they have become more affordable and they can now be seen even in the gymnasiums of local schools. There are many types of scoring tablesavailable on the market, and it is important to choose one that provides as many benefits as possible. Make the right choice by following our buying guide!

Go for unlimited advertising space

Advertising space is one of the main benefits of a scorer table, and to make the most of this investment, choose a model with an unlimited digital advertising program. Make sure the device can support not only text and pictures, but also videos. Moreover, to easily manage the advertisements, it would be wise to choose a table with proof of play reports. This way, you can prove to your sponsors how many times their ads were played and charge accordingly.

Even a small school can benefit from this feature, as they can make some money by advertising local businesses. The money can be used for numerous purposes, from school renovations to buying modern school equipment.

Engaging game prompts

A digital scoring table with interactive game props can make the game a lot more interesting. For example, the Sideline Interactive scoring tables  can trigger special animations for important game moments such as free throws, 3 points or timeouts. They can also display pictures and information about certain players.

Video and audio capabilities

Game replays can be a cool coaching tool and a good scorer table should be able to support game videos. An audio output is also essential in order to connect the digital table to a sound system. The best scorer tables also come with an integrated computer and a sports software that can include even coaching tools.


The gym isn’t the most peaceful environment, and it is important for a scoring table to be made of quality materials so that it can withstand ball hits or other unfortunate events. This way, you can leave it in the gym at all times, instead of having to constantly move it around to protect it from possible mishaps.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the quality of a digital scoring table. Since this is a considerable investment, you must research the market a little before deciding on a particular model.