Playing with a radio control monster truck is basically like playing a real-life video game. It is entertaining and exciting. You will certainly spend a good portion of your day playing with this monster trucks once you get the hang of it. But, if you are still a beginner, choosing the best radio control monster truck is a little challenging. There are a lot of choices and types, which you have to decide on when you are about to buy. If you plan to buy a monster truck online, checking at some online buying guides is probably the best course. You can also ask from experienced monster truck users so that you will have an idea on which one to choose.


Kit Truck or Ready-to-Run

Now, the next decision that you are going to make is whether you will pick a kit truck or a ready-to-run truck. Obviously, beginners are always expecting that they will be able to play with the truck right after purchasing so ready-to-run trucks are the best for them.

After they have bought the truck, they can proceed on playing and having a lot of fun with it. The possibility of wrongly assembling the kit truck also avoided. Beginners have little to no knowledge about the important parts of the radio control monster truck, so the chances of, making faults during the assembling process are quite high. Although, they can get help from experienced hobbyists, choosing a ready to use one is more ideal.



RC Monster Truck Competition

If you are planning to get a monster truck that will use for competition, then we are expecting that you already experienced with it. Getting into a radio control monster truck competition is very exciting.

It is like a real-life video game except that it is much more fun. It is sometimes more fun than actually joining a real monster truck competition where you have to buy a life-sized monster truck, which obviously cost a lot of money. Getting a radio control monster truck and joining a competition with like-minded people is just as fun. You won’t undergo a lot of hassles than when driving a life-sized monster truck. You can just fit the radio control monster truck on your bag as well as its parts and accessories. Ok, you got the point.

So that is our buying guide. Hope you have earned something while reading this article. If you are so interested in radio control monter truck then give it a try. Start with trucks that are easy to handle and maintain then figure out your way from there. One thing is for sure; it will be a lot of fun.



Nitro or Electric Radio Control Monster Truck

So which type of radio control monster truck are you going after? Nitro or Electric? Well, there are a lot of compelling reasons why you should choose a nitro radio control monster truck. But, there are also reasons why you should avoid a nitro monster truck. Nitro radio control monster trucks are enticing since they are powerful when it comes to the actual situation. They are most of the time 1/10 to 1/8 scale. They also have a two-stroke gas engine.

This engine works on a glow plug and nitro gas. Nitro radio control monster trucks are faster than electric ones. It sounds more exciting and adventurous and will surely attract your attention especially if you are still a beginner. Newcomers will tend to pick the most powerful and fastest type of radio control monster truck.