Most video blogs or vlogs found on the Internet are on YouTube. Vlogs cameras are a very particular form of information exchange: they are an audiovisual blog entry. In their great majority they have nothing to do with the subjects that the author usually addresses, but often they enter in a more private land and they open the doors to the author's daily life. Unfortunately, because of this secondary nature compared to other videos on the YouTuber channel, vlogs are often characterized by poor quality and poor production, which has fostered the general opinion that vlogs are recorded messages quickly and running with a handheld camera and published without touch-up. Personally I think that the author of a video has to always strive, regardless of the type of video you want to record. To help you with this task, here are five of the most common mistakes we find in vlogs - and I'll show you how they can be avoided.

Do not lose sight of the length of the video. Try not to last more than 5 or 10 minutes. The longer the video, the more the attention of the viewer will decrease. I recommend that you start the video by briefly presenting the topics you are going to discuss. The best strategy is to capture the interest of the viewer. Of course the goal of a vlog is that people know you better, but you must choose the topics that you are going to address carefully and without stress. Nor is it to recite your curriculum as a parrot. It is best that you follow the following maxim: from one to three tracks per vlog. With this there is more than enough and thus you will continue to have a wide range of themes for your future vlogs.

An attractive video is not necessarily synonymous with special effects and color corrections. Especially there are two editing techniques that will help us make our home videos of short duration more attractive: cuts and transitions. The most commonly used cutting types in vlogs are L-Cut and J-Cut , often combined with a zoom. These techniques make the video fast and dynamic. In addition, the J-Cut allows us to shorten the video.

Video deluxe , for example, offers a variety of transitions. I especially like the simple transition Alpha magic, ideal for flashbacks. This transition allows us to close the narration of past events in a visual way as well.

I continually encounter videos with poor lighting, and the solution to this problem is simple! There are for example lighting kits, rings of light or LED video lamps that you can install in the place of shooting or mount directly on your video camera or DSLR. Poor lighting makes the viewer find it difficult to follow the video.

Do your viewers a favor and save the moved images. For recording, webcams that have many monitors integrated are often used. But, what can we do if we use a video camera or a DSLR? The answer is very clear: install a tripod. A solid model will not lead you to any financial mess. Nor do you need to make a mobile tripod extendable to 3 meters. Think about what you want to do with your video. A tripod of 15 euros is more than enough to make a good vlog.This would put an end to the torment of having to watch a video recorded with a handheld camera for a long time. And so does the sound. Most recording devices incorporate an internal microphone. If you are not happy with the final sound you can always modify it afterwards or install an external microphone and connect it to the camera.

A vlog camera is personal. The most commonly used camera settings are the middle foreground (bust frame) and the foreground (head frame). I have had to witness on some occasion how half of the person's head on the screen disappears or only the forehead is seen. When using close-ups it is important to position yourself in the center of the image or follow the rule of thirds. You can also combine different perspectives giving your video more life. If you are not sure if you have installed correctly turn the display of the device. This will make it easier for you to position yourself correctly. If you cannot turn the display you can always make a test recording.


Do not be ashamed to learn from others! With the vlogs it happens like everything else in this life: watch the videos of the vloggers that you like and serve as inspiration, observe the techniques that employ and think about what your special vlogs do. And then make it better! Pay special attention to small details such as the vocabulary you use or when music enters. Maybe you do not want to be seated but want to record your vlog while standing? Or do you want to make a new intro? Or change the background? As long as you are satisfied with the result and do not fall into monotony, you will increase the chances that your videos will appeal to others.