Wood is in demand at all times. The finely turned and craftily decorated wooden items are valued really high. Moreover, wood has its own vibe. If you need to make a truly nice wooden object, common joinery tools might be insufficient. In this case, a wood lathe is evidently the best assistant. The range of capabilities wood lathes offer is overwhelming. These tools can be used for making furniture, dishware, toys, processing and shaping wooden pieces, and a lot more.

What features to consider when buying a wood lathe

  • Performance: You should be guided by some important aspects for choosing a wood lathe which is right for you. First of all, pay your attention to the performance features, particularly the motor power and spindle speed range. The motor power may vary from 1/8 HP up to 2HP and higher. If you need a lathe for home use, a 1/2 to1HP model will be enough. The wood lathes for industrial use are typically powerful. As for the spindle speed range, the picture is clear. The more speeds a lathe has, the better. Both high and low speeds are applied depending on a wood hardness and turning needs. So, a variable speed can be crucial for some users of wood lathes.
  • Capacities: Capacities are the next important point when choosing a wood lathe as they determine the size of pieces a lathe can process. Here, you need to consider a few parameters including the swing over bed, swing over tool rest, distance between centers, faceplate diameter, spindle travel, and the type of quill and spindle. So, choose the lathe the capacities of which conform to your workpieces and items you’re going to make.
  • Conveniences: Conveniences of a wood lathe are also important. They include such aspects as special materials the components of a wood lathe are made of, comfortable control elements, etc. These aspects affect the lathe controllability as well as its wear-resistance and durability. After all, the size of a wood lathe matters too. Commercial-grade wood lathes are usually quite big, yet some models (those for home use) are small and can be installed in tight workshops.

Above are the features you need consider when deciding to buy a wood lathe. Here is top 5 best wood lathe that received many good reviews of customers, you can check and depending on your requirement for your work, you can choose the best one for you.