Choosing the right tour operator is extremely important otherwise it could adversely affect your entire trip!A well-planned tour needs experience and here you can find a few tips when choosing the best tour operator for you.

1. Is the agent reputable?:

The reputation of the tour operator plays a major role in choosing the best operator for you. It does not mean that the more expensive companies always offer the best service. Sometimes it’s the smaller companies that have more of a focus on client service, which is what sets them apart from the bigger companies. It’s important to talk to several companies before selecting the one you go with.

2. What’s the cost:

The cost of a tour operator depends on its reputation. Sometimes, a highly reputable company demands a lot. In that case, opt for the companies that are little less pricey. The best you can do is comparing the quotes offered, but don’t compromise with the quality of service for inexpensive rates.

3. What’s the target market of the operator:

It’s important to look for the target market of the companies to enjoy a well-planned tour. Nowadays, the touring companies are extremely target oriented. Some specialise in honeymoon tours while the others are older or younger couples, and some family orientated. It’s important to decide the kind of tour you are planning and then match the appropriate operator.

4. Are they using local guides:

Before you book a travel operator, it’s important to check if the company is using knowledgeable, local guides. The guides of the operator must be local or at least a long-term resident, who knows the local language, has travel experience, and can share the tips that only locals know to ensure an authentic experience.

5. Safety is the prime concern:

When choosing a tour operator, make sure that they follow a proper list of safety requirements. Make sure that they’re accredited by the local government in the country they’re based. You should also check the accreditation of the other appropriate trade organizations.

So, next time, when you book your tour, consider these tips when choosing a tour operator that’s the best fit for you.

About Author:

Rosie has worked and traveled for a year in the UK, Europe and tours of Turkey. Rosie is the Director of Mosaic Travel and love to share her travel and tour experiences.