Tattoos last for a lifetime and that’s why choosing the first one is tough. If you feel like you should get a tattoo, there is nothing stopping you, but you should give yourself enough time to choose which one should be your first. Don’t make this decision just because you really want to get tattooed, rather, take your time and see what you need to do first.


The first thing you need to do is find the design. Whether you already have an idea of what you want tattooed or not, you should research all the possible options. Go online, try sketching it yourself or consult with some artists in order to find the design you like. If you are still not sure about the design, it means you need to keep on digging. Readjust the drawing as many times as needed, because you want to be 100% happy with the sketches. Additionally, while you are researching the design, you should start searching for the right tattoo artist. Bring them the sketches, make adjustments together and your first tattoo will be ready.

Don’t Mind the Price

Nobody says you should pay a fortune for your first tattoo, but you certainly don’t want something cheap. Buy cheap, buy twice since you will probably need a remake or you will just be miserable about the choice. However, it is not the end of the world if your first tattoo is not as satisfactory as you wanted it, since you can easily sign up for laser tattoo removal treatments. Although such treatments are here as a plan B, you don’t want some unaccredited artist who will do it for half a price, because it could cost you plenty later on. That is why you shouldn’t settle and always check out the online reviews and visit the artist to check out the environment and their work.


Be Sure it’s the Right Choice

You probably already have everything figured out, but you should start with a transfer. This means that an artist should transfer your desired design to the body part you want just to try it out. This doesn’t include any needles and ink yet and it’s your chance of seeing how it actually looks like. Additionally, you are given a chance to readjust or resize the tattoo in order to make it perfect.

Prepare Your Whole Body

It is crucial to prepare your body for the first tattoo. Not just your skin or the part of your body that you want tattooed, but the whole of you. Eat before you go and bring something sweet to chew on before the work. Your body needs to be ready so you wouldn’t pass out or shiver during the process. Also, don’t go to the shop drunk. Zero reasoning paired with tattooing can only result in regrets. Additionally, drink plenty of water and you will be ready for what comes.


It Will Hurt

If you have friends who already got tattooed and said it didn’t hurt at all, they are lying. The needles will be poking your skin quickly and they are going quite deep. However, this shouldn’t discourage you, because it is not as bad as it sounds. Some compare it to the sting of a mosquito, but this really depends on the area of the body that is going to get the ink. Nevertheless, it will hurt, but nothing that cannot be handled.


Now that you know what needs to be done before getting your first tattoo, you can start your research. Be thorough, make adjustments until you are happy and properly prepare your body for the needles. With everything done and planned to the detail, your first tattoo will look amazing.