Divorce, to put it mildly, is seldom a pleasant thing, and it becomes even more difficult to deal with past a certain age. Not only do we lose our partners, but we have to deal the increasing fear that we’ll stay alone forever. Dating seems like something we did in some ancient past that we can barely remember, and starting fresh is troublesome at best. You’re disheartened, and that’s understandable. But life can actually get better, and you can be happy again. You just need to find a way to deal with turbulent emotions that a divorce can cause, and we’re here to help.


Take a short break to recuperate

If you’ve been with your partner for a very long time, you’ve very likely heartbroken regardless of what kind of marriage you’ve had. Before you can begin dealing with this big change, it’s not a bad idea to take a small vacation. It doesn’t need to be anything longer than a few days, but make sure to spend those days somewhere peaceful, like in a spa, on a hiking trip, or in a friend’s house. Take your time to grieve and regain some of your strength. When you come back, you’ll be able to deal with things calmly and rationally.

Deal with all the legal issues

Don’t let the process drag out. Divorce is already painful without stretching it into something that takes months and years to be finalized. Don’t worry, divorce is hardly uncommon and if you find the right lawyer, things will go smoother. In Australia, for example, the laws regarding the dissolution of marriage can be a bit complicated, so hiring family lawyers in Sydney or any other place becomes very important if you want someone who understands how the whole process works and keeps your best interest at heart. Always consult with a professional and heed their advice. Divorce can get ugly even if you parted on amicable terms, so just try to be patient and don’t let emotions get the best of you.


Take care of your finances

The person you married isn’t the same person you’re divorcing. The partner who was intent on providing for you may now be completely focused on saving as much money and property as possible. You will no longer share income, so you need to accept the fact that your lifestyle might have to change. Learning how to budget better, finding a better job, or finding a way toprofit from your hobby is very clever. It’s best to deal with any debt and financial issues now than to worry about it when you retire.

Talk to your children

Your kids might not be kids anymore, but even if they’re all grown up they will need to hear about the divorce from you. Sit them down, explain what’s happening and tell them that you love them very much. They should know it by now, but it’s a good idea to remind them.


How to approach dating

If you haven’t been on a date with someone new for a few years or even decades, you will probably feel nervous. But honestly, not a whole lot changes in your fifties, people still want good company and to have a nice time. Dating sites are a great idea, so definitely try them out because you’ll find a lot of people in situations similar to yours who will be eager to chat. Take time before you start dating, however. Don’t be in a rush to find someone just so you wouldn’t end up alone, or to show your ex how great your life is now. Connection and love are still very much possible, and there’s no need to settle. Find someone honest and rational, someone who you enjoy spending time with and take it slow.

The most important thing to remember is to stay civil with your ex and to never lose hope. You’re divorced, not deceased, and life is still going to be great if you take your time to cope with everything and allow happiness to come to you.