We’ve all been torn between being minimally white and popping up colours in our bedroom. While each of us has our own take, here’s showing how you can combine the two and create a white bedroom that looks anything but dull.


1.       White sheets:

 Opt for super-soft organic white bed sheets that spell good health and luxury. Think of your bedding as an investment that pays you well through great sleep.

 The sheet set from Amouve comes in 300 TC sateen with a silver embroidered lining at the hem. Talk about classy combinations.


2.      Coloured/Patterned Wallpaper:

Think simplistic mint for a coastal vibe or patterned doors for a messimalistic one or bricks for timelessness.


3.      Pop accents through cushions

Whoever said white would be boring didn’t know how to pattern it up. Choose from a range of minimal to eclectic pop of colours depending on your mood and bedroom style. For a Scandinavian vibe, opt for pastels and softer shades. For a bohemian and country feel, live it up with colour. Here are some cushions that could give you great bedroom ideas.


4.      Distressed furniture

 Did you know that a good piece of rustic furniture not only speaks volumes about the home owner but goes a long way in saving up repeated furniture costs because it never goes out of style? Well, choose an eclectic trunk or an upholstered chair with playful motifs. There’s no boundary to what you could achieve.


5.      Tassels


Don your DIY hat and get going with some tassel play. A good tassel looks wonderfully elegant on your wall and is super easy to make.