Our bedroom is our own little private space, which allows us to close the door on the rest of the world to read a book, sleep or just enjoy some peace and quiet. You will therefore want to create a room that is calm, cosy and inviting, and here are some helpful tips to create your dream interior.

Stunning Themes 

Instead of opting for a mismatch of different bedroom designs and accessories that catch your eye, ask yourself what type of theme would complement your bedroom and taste. Do you want the tranquillity of a beautiful country home? The calm of a nautical design? Or the period character of an art deco interior? This will determine your bedroom’s overall appearance, which will create a warm and inviting space that encourages relaxation.

A Beautiful Bed 

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom. If it is too big it will take up too much space and will detract from the overall interior design. You must therefore incorporate the right bed for the size and shape of your bedroom. Avoid bulky, dark wooden beds that will make a small room feel even smaller, and instead opt for a simpler, lighter design that will complement a room’s natural light.

The Perfect Mattress 

You might have created a luxurious bedroom you are proud to call your own, but it will fail to be inviting if your mattress is not quite right. Different people will have different mattress requirements, as some will love nothing more than the support of a firm mattress, while others will enjoy memory foam padding that offers less spring. So, give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep by opting for the right mattress for your needs. You will be thankful you did.

Complementary Duvet Covers 

Your duvet cover allows you to express your style and personality. Whilst your bed defines the practicality and space of a bedroom, the bedding will determine the interior design – so choose wisely to create a harmonious look that you will love. For beautiful bedding that will stand the test of time, pick a 100 cotton duvet cover that works well with your bedroom’s colour theme and will look just as good each time you take it out the laundry basket.

The Right Lighting 

The lighting you choose will determine your bedroom’s ambience. For a cosy environment, incorporate a lamp into your design and place it in the corner of a room. However, if your room is limited on space, create a larger environment by adding a light source in the centre of the bedroom.

Flexible Storage Space 

If limited space is ruining the appearance of your bedroom, try to be smart with your design choices. For example, incorporate a beautiful ottoman at the foot of the bed, which offers a handy storage space for bed linens, pillows and other items. You could add shelving to the walls to display decorative accessories and keepsakes, without impacting your room’s functionality.