Today everyone knows the many benefits that a mobile App can bring to online business. With this in mind we want to talk today about the 6 most important aspects that must be taken into account when designing it and how to create an app without coding by yourself in a few steps even if you do not know anything about programming, does it sound good, right? Keep reading!

Best Practices For Create An App

1. Think About Your Audience

The first step before you get down to work is to think about the audience you want to reach. In this way, you can create a design according to your tastes and needs.


·         Men or women?

·         Teenagers or adults?

·         What is your level of education?

·         Profession?

·         What motivations do they have?

·         What do you like?

·         Why are you going to use your App?

What Need You Will Cover?

Think carefully about the profile of your potential users, especially if you are not within that target audience. Once you have this clear, you can continue to the next step.

2. Take A Look At The App Stores

Surely you think your idea is great and super original, obviously, otherwise you would not consider investing your time in building it. But before continuing to develop your idea take a look at what is currently in the App Stores. Despite what may seem a priori, there is a possibility that someone has already built something similar.

3. Create A Sample

A sample is a fundamental aspect of the design process of your app since it will capture the full functionality of your application. This way you can see how different screens, sections or buttons interact with each other and you will be able to detect possible usability faults before building it. It is not required for your prototype to look super professional, just take paper and pencil, and you start to draw, but if you want to make a model online more realistic you can try one of these tools:

Pop App: It is an application that allows using the camera of the mobile to photograph your sketches on paper and provide them with interaction to navigate between the different screens. Undoubtedly, an option that can get you out of trouble to perform quick checks You can choose from your different predesigned templates how your app's home, menu, photo and video gallery, registration form and much more.

4. Think Colors And Fonts

What colors would you like your app to have? What typography are you going to use? Will you include images? All these aspects must be consistent with each other. Always remember that in design matters "less is more." Excessive graphics, colors or images can not only make your app look unprofessional, but can also lead to slow loading speeds.

5. Consider The Sizes Of Buttons And Icons

When you work with a mobile interface, you have a limited amount of space that you can use, so you cannot abuse the use of buttons and icons. Also, if they are too small users could make the mistake of clicking the wrong selection.

6. Never Stop Trying

Before uploading your App to App Stores you should try every aspect of your design, not just one, but several times and with different users. Remember that the process of fixing errors in the apps requires an approval time. So if you want to have your app working in the shortest possible time, you cannot skip this step.

How To Create An App Easily?

There are numerous tools on the market designed to make life easier and one of them is Mobiroller which is an app builder or application builder. With this software, you can create your own native application for iPhone, Ipad, and Android in few steps and without major complications. It's a great alternative if you want to get into the exciting world of apps and you do not have much time and budget, or you have no idea about code.

In addition to creating an attractive app for your potential user's thanks to its multiple templates and customization options, you can also create loyalty thanks to its additional functionalities such as localized push notifications, loyalty cards or live chat for user communities.

With this tool, you can create from Apps for events or media to applications for schools, small businesses or online stores, with the advantage that you can manage everything from your back end and have statistics about the behavior of your users and the operation of your app. You can also connect external multimedia content such as videos, photos, maps, forms, etc., or create it yourself from the back office of the app.

If at any point you get bored of your design or you feel like trying a new one you can change it easily whenever you want. And best of all is that if you have any questions or problems during the design process have support 24 hours in several languages.


Creating a mobile app requires above all a good planning and marketing strategy. The development and design process can now be simplified thanks to new market alternatives.

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