We all wish for the perfect house, in the perfect location, however, many forget about the garage and the impact it can have on your home. A garage can make or break your house’s exterior and interior design, whether you want to turn it into a storage room, part of the main house, or simply keep it a place to keep your car.

Here are a few ways to spruce up your garage and turn it into a showroom.

Keep it Organized

For most, a garage is a place to store and hide the pieces of furniture and miscellaneous items you do not wish to place in the house, while for others, it is a workplace for cars, bikes and respective tools, or a place to park your car to keep it sheltered.

It is easy for your garage to becomecluttered, and after years or even months of neglecting it, it can become a daunting task when contemplating a clear out. However, once you have managed to clean up, you will be greeted with a room offering a wealth of opportunity. To keep it organized, install cupboards, draws and shelves, and make sure to include the garage in your spring cleaning.

Insulate the Walls

Usually, you find most garages are not insulated, and therefore, a room people wish to avoid spending much time in. In the winter months, the room can become incredibly cold, and with the cold comes neglect. By simply insulating your garage you can turn your icebox of a room into a place people can work and spend time in all year round.


Whether you want to keep the garage as place to store your car or a place you can add furniture, turning it into another family room, flooring is an important feature you should think about investing in. If you want to park your car, but are worried about tire marks and dirt tracks, there are many garage floor coatings you can apply which will help counter the dirt and stains, all the while providing a beautiful surface.

If you wish to turn your garage into a second family room, or a hide out for your children, husband or wife, then look at either carpet that will provide comfort and added warmth, or smart, sleek wooden flooring for an elegant, modern finish.

Upgrade the Garage Door

Upgrade the Garage Door

By upgrading the garage door, you can change and update your house’s exterior without spending too much money. Not only can it create curb appeal and added value, but it can become a future investment if you ever decide to sell your home and move somewhere else. Simple improvements can become an advantage in the long haul.

Another reason for updating the garage door is it can make your house more cost efficient. If you have an odd door, it may cause poor insulation, resulting in a loss of heat and added effort and money for when you want to heat the room. By retaining and regulating the house’s temperature through better insulation and seals, you may be able to save on your bills. In simple terms, investing in a new garage door, it is possible to see a return in investment from your property.