How to Develop a Defined Jawline Do you have facial fat that is damaging your self-confidence? Maybe you’ve lost weight and want your jawline to reflect your transformation? If so, you’ll be glad to learn there are many things you can do to develop a defined jawline.

Jaw Exercises

There are a variety of exercises you can perform to help sharpen your jawline. Say au revoir to facial fat and tone up your facial muscles with jaw exercises. Head twists can be an effective exercise to firm your skin, and you can also open your jaws wide to create a sought-after chiselled look.

Start Smiling

Smiling is a natural exercise that can tone up your facial muscles to create a defined jaw. You should therefore aim to smile as much as possible to create the jawline of your dreams. Smiling, both forced and natural, is also believed to enhance your mood, so it can boost your confidence and happiness.

A Liquid Facelift

Liftmd has developed a unique liquid facelift that has been designed to sculpt the perfect jawline. The non-surgical facelift not only reduces the troublesome fat located under your chin, but it contours the face while smoothing any wrinkles. So, you can enjoy a toned, youthful, glowing complexion that will give you the confidence to pose for photos.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a simple and effective exercise for toning your facial muscles, as it requires a considerable amount of jaw movement. So, chisel your jawline by enjoying some gum each morning, afternoon and night – and opt for sugar-free varieties to support your dental health.

A Facial Massage

Boost your blood circulation by massaging your jawline. Take a few minutes out of your day to run your fingers over your face in a circular motion. Focus on massaging your jaw, chin, cheeks and temples for a few seconds each. You can even increase circulation by massaging the areas with ice cubes.

Clench Your Jaw

Another top tip is to clench your jaw for a minimum of ten seconds and then release. It’s likely you’ll feel a little discomfort, but feeling the burn just means it’s working. Try to perform the action a few times per day and you may soon notice a difference.

Perform Chin Lifts

In need of another helpful jawline exercise? Well, chin lifts might be the solution to shedding the excess fat that surrounds your jawline. To do so, simply look towards the ceiling and keep looking at it. You should also strain your lips as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling. Remain in the position for at least ten seconds before returning to a normal position, and repeat the exercise 10 times each day.

Consume Less Salt

Salt can have a major impact on our health. Too much salt can unfortunately damage a person’s skin, as it can encourage bloating and weight gain. You must therefore aim to limit the consumption of salt in your food, so try to avoid junk food and salted treats.