Your fifties are an amazing time of your life; you’re settled, you make enough to be happy, you’ve probably figured out how to stop pissing off your wife, and maybe you’ve also figured out a style that works for you (good job!). If you’re still wearing your dad jeans and hoodies, it could be time to upgrade your wardrobe. Luckily for you, men do truly look better as they age, so all you might need is a great pair of trousers and a blazer to have those 40-year old divorcées eyeing you up at Starbucks…

1.   A Great Suit

Hopefully you’re not still squeezing into the suit you got married in and have upgraded throughout the years; if not, a key piece of advice for dressing in your fifties is to invest in good types of suits that compliment a more mature physique. Aim for a dark, thick material with wide lapels and well-fitting pants. Run screaming from two for $100 suit deals, and be prepared to invest a little moolah into a well-made, tailored suit.

2.   Active Lifestyle

Looking great as you enter your fifties is all about feeling good. Make exercise and eating right a priority—that means no more ten ounce steaks washed down by a six-pack every night. Eat foods that fill you up and make you feel good, like lean chicken and fish, nuts, fruits and veggies. Find an activity that you love doing, like long walks with the pooch, rowing, jogging, or swimming. You’ll feel vibrant and youthful and people will take notice.

3.   Age-Appropriate Fashion

As tempting as it can be to dress like a twenty-year-old to feel younger, you won’t be fooling anyone. Retire the super skinny ties and the super skinny jeans and the super skinny-whatevers, and start shopping at respectable men’s stores. You’ve earned the right to dress like a respectable man, so use it!

4.   Good Shoes

If you’re wearing trainers for anything other than jogging, STOP. Immediately. Run yourself straight to the store in your trainers and get yourself a pair of age-appropriate shoes. Being fifty doesn’t mean you have to start wearing Velcro straps, but you do wantcomfortable shoes that pair well with trousers and jeans (nope, still not trainers). Try loafers, boat shoes, and Oxfords to give you a casual but put-together look.

5.   Subtle Accessories

Now’s the time to invest in quality accessories that will last you and make you feel like a distinguished man in his fifties. Think classic watches, subtle leather belts, cashmere scarves, and exquisite ties. The subtle details will get noticed, and you’ll feel more confident.

6.   Complimentary Shades

Ditch the pastels and neon colors in favor of classic, flattering shades like forest green, burgundy, grey, and camel. Other garish tones will make your skin look pasty and old, whereas darker jewel tones will make you look vibrant and healthy.

7.   Confidence

The number one piece of advice for looking awesome in your fifties? Own it. Be confident in who you are and all that you’ve done to get to this amazing, settled point in your life. You’re a man with stories to tell but with half his life left still, and by gosh you’re going to enjoy it.