Car Rental Surabaya

Driving in Indonesia will be very different because the driver does not follow the rules and the road is very congested. Therefore it is recommended that you hire a driver or car rental because they will be familiar with road conditions, also in the event of damage to the car (which is likely) it will fall on the driver and not on you.

 If you rent a car it is best to use local companies such as Ankasarentcar in Surabaya Indonesia

 When picking up a hire car you do not need the following documents:

     your passport

     Your SIM (from your home country)

     Don't show anything, you just pay rent for s car

If, instead of renting a car, you hire a driver and taxi and you are planning for a trip that will require an overnight stay, you are expected to pay for accommodation and food for the night. Tip is also customary. It is also advised that you sort out all the financial details before you start your journey so that all is clear in terms of paying the fare.

By Car Rental Surabaya