There are different ways through which travellers can earn points on their United Airlines. Travellers should know that the points are credited only after 48 hours after the period of travel and maximum point which can be earned is 75000 which are on per ticket basis. People interested can go through the below mentioned tutorial and learn different ways through which they can earn points on their United Airlines.

Based on Fare


In order to earn points based on the fare system travellers will need to ensure that they are the member of MileagePlus and if not then they can immediately register for the same and start earning points.


Based on distance of the flight and the class of travel


Long distance travellers will get more points in comparison to short distance travellers and also the class in which the people are travelling is directly proportional to the points earned.


Based on premium status


Premium members of this airline get more points in comparison to the people who are not the premium members of this airline. Points are based on multiple depending upon the kind of premium membership available with the people.


Based on Specialty Tickets


There are certain set of tickets which are classified as specialty one and are offered humongous amount of points in comparison to others.

People cab also get help for above problems through United airlines booking phone number because they are offering best and reliable guide to every users and this number is completely toll free and only available for customers help.