Being pregnant and delivering a child is considered a bargain for every woman. Unfortunately, due to unfortunate circumstances, a woman may not wish to lead an unwanted pregnancy. These women are looking for ways to end the pregnancy. The type of procedure depends on how many weeks a woman is pregnant.

During the first weeks of pregnancy, the preferred options can be medical abortion or surgical interruption of pregnancy. Before examining termination procedures for pregnancy, it is necessary to determine with the help of sonogram the viability of pregnancy and precise weeks of pregnancy.

To interrupt an unwanted pregnancy?

For the first seven to nine weeks of pregnancy, options can be with abortion pills. For the first trimester, dilatation and curettage of the uterus are advised by gynaecologist the surest home remedies for abortion. Any kind of abortion procedures should be done with the help of gynaecologist.

·         Mifepristone and misoprostol: it is used until the first seven weeks of pregnancy. It is also known as RU-486 or abortion pill.

·         Aspiration: It is a surgical method of abortion for up to 12 to 16 weeks. Many people refer to as dilation and curettage.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, medical abortion with pills is not effective. The types of termination methods are used:

·         Dilatation and curettage: It is often the best surgical option method that can be used up to 16 weeks of gestation.

·         Dilatation and evacuation: Usually preferred after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

The termination of pregnancy during the third trimester includes surgery of dilation and extraction. It is also known as intrauterine cranial decompression. In many countries interruption of pregnancy is considered illegal during the second and third trimesters.

Home Remedies For Pregnancy Early Termination

Many women do not want to disclose their pregnancy they only want anyone to know about their miscarriage. These women use various natural means to end the pregnancy. Natural methods to end an unwanted pregnancy have been used for centuries.

These methods are judged only during the first trimester. However, there is no certainty of it being fully effective. In case the method fails, the woman must resort to the traditional option of surgical D & C. Some of the ways to end pregnancy naturally include:

·         Parsley tea with supplement vitamin C is good to start with. Parsley tea is prepared by parsley in boiling water. Steep parsley for 15 minutes and drain the liquid. Taste 2 to 3 teaspoons of this herbal tea three to four times a day.

·         Angelica / Dong Quai is a uterine stimulant. It helps to contract the uterus, thus allowing the contents to be expelled.

·         Black cohosh / blue cohosh are other natural herbs that help uterine contractions and relaxation of the cervix.

It is necessary to consult your doctor before taking the herbs. These herbs should be avoided in case the woman suffers from diabetes, hypertension, kidneys, heart and liver diseases.

Early pregnancy termination without seeing doctor

Self-induced abortion or termination of pregnancy without consulting a doctor in this modern age is discouraged. This is because there are several safety options and medical methods available to end an unwanted pregnancy. Self IVG can be deadly.

Some of the methods that are still practised to end the pregnancy without going to the doctor are:

Lift heavy objects in the early stage of pregnancy.

Massage on the abdomen.

Consumption of certain foods that are known to be abortifacient, such as drinking carrot seed soup.

A woman gets fist and foot on the abdomen.

Vaginal douches with substances that may have an anecdotal history of causing abortion.

Insert vaginal ova and other herbal preparation into the vagina.

Hit the belly on a hard surface.

Insertion of dangerous objects into the vagina and uterus.


All of the above methods are not reliable and dangerous. They can do more harm than good.