Getting the hartford insurance for your car should be the first step in the process of what for most people in the world is the second most important investment in life, only after a home.

And is that like all important investments we want to protect them as much as possible. In the case of cars, the way to protect them is by insurance, but with so many options sometimes it is very difficult to find the best offer .

To make this step in your purchase easier, we will give you some tips to get the hartford cheapest insurance for your car .

Everything starts with the car

Most buyers start looking for auto insurance after they buy a car, not knowing that this has to be done before the purchase of the vehicle, as the price of the insurance policy depends on much of the type of car that you buy.

Not only do I remind you that luxury and sports cars pay a higher premium than their most basic counterparts, but that cars with good results in crash tests and with safety equipment like anti-lock brakes (ABS) and crash prevention systems, pay less for insurance than those who do not have them.

Cheap insurance and your personal history

If you have been involved in accidents - regardless of whether it was your fault or not, or if you have incurred traffic tickets or subpoenas with the police for any infraction, your insurance premium will increase .

But that is not the only point of your record that affects a higher price.

Car insurance companies take into account your age, education level, the area where you live and of course your credit history and credit rating, so you should always be up to date with all types of payments to get a better deal .

Other factors include the type of coverage required in different states, the distance you drive every day to and from work, your own profession, the number of people included in the policies and what is known as the Insurance status, which includes everything related to any other policy.

For example, you could get a better price if you have another insurance policy - for example, for the house - or if you appear as part of another person's policy. This may include the insurance policy of the company for which you work, is that you drive a company vehicle as part of the job or even if your name appears on the policy of a family member or a friend, even if it is only for one day.

The calculation of the deductible

In any calculation tool on the websites of Trumbull insurance companies, you can play with numbers and quote different costs for the insurance policy you need.

A great tip to lower the cost to the monthly payment of your auto insurance, is to increase the value of the deductible to pay in case of loss.

With this you can save a few dollars that at the end of several months will accumulate in a considerable amount .

Use the same company

If you use the same insurer for your home, your person, your family, and / or other material assets, you consider that by insuring your car with that company you could qualify for a good discount .

Similarly if all drivers in your home use the same insurer, you are eligible for a discount.