Though some of us are better givers, others are consistently running around wondering how they got stuck with the task. The situation becomes a little more complicated, when the person in question is your boss. Workplace behaviour is a delicate thing and can vary from place to place; so no two strategies could work for every office. Having said that, what you need to do is arm yourself with these tips that will show you how to adapt so no matter where you work, you will always get your boss an appropriate option. They will most definitely come in handy by the time Christmas rolls around again. 

Get It as a Group

First things first. Generally, there is no obligation for anyone to ever give their boss a present, even for a special occasion. It is not always looked upon favourably, and can lead to workplace tension at time depending on the situation. A good way to mitigate this situation, is look towards a group initiative. This way, cost will also be well spread out and you will have more people to help with the selection. As the entire workplace gets involved, there is nothing shady about it at all.

Keep It Impersonal When You Can

Unless you are close with the boss because of a prior long-standing friendship or something for instance, you should not generally go for something too personal. There are lots of other presents you can consider. Massage chairs for example, are quite a popular option since it is something a tired boss would definitely appreciate. Plus, there is nothing too personal about it, so the boundaries are kept. Think along those lines. If it is something small, opt for special gift boxes for an extra celebratory touch. If you want to choose something closer to your boss’ life outside of work, look to his/her hobbies.

Not Too Expensive

This is one instance where the though really is what counts. Although you cannot give a clock-pen and hope it will suffice, you need not also go out of your means to get something good. Your boss is not expecting anything to begin with. The employees willing to do so, is an expression of goodwill entirely of their own. Whoever is organising it, assuming it is you in this case, can make a list of different places that sell what you are looking for and compare prices.

Set a Budget

The good thing is that since the office will be getting this gift as a group, the budget will be quite large. You can discuss a spending limit, and then evenly divide it between everyone. This will allow you to get a very nice present, at a low cost per person. In fact, this is how almost all offices do it, and it works out pretty well. You can add a card to it if you want too, and have it signed. By all means, get your boss a present, but there is no need to stress about it!