Are you willing to know How To Fix Lazy Loading Gravatars in WordPress Comments? It is a specific avatar used byWordPress.


Gravatars stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar”. It causes extra HTTP requests. Slows down the site’s page load speed.  Lazy load Gravatars especially help, if a blog on your website has a lot of comments.


What is a Gravatar?

It is the user profile picture next to their name. These images are called “avatars.” Most of the images/pictures are used in WordPress comments andauthor bio sections.

WordPress uses a specific type of avatar called “Gravatars.” It follows you around the web and automatically appears when you post a comment on a WordPress site.

Lazy Loading Gravatars in WordPress Comments


  • Then apply the lazy load feature to your content, text widgets, post thumbnails, images, iframes, and much more with easy way.

  • Moreover, you can select the items here.

  • Also, have the other options to customize the plugin your way.


  • Next, to apply and work with gravatars, press on Yes tab box next to the Apply to Gravatars option as:


  • Then, Press the Save Changes icon.

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