to get traffic in blog

It is easy to build a blog, but hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. There is an art to increase a blog traffic. There are some vital points which will help any blogger:

Interact on Other Blogs Comments

As bloggers, we see a lot of comments. Many are spam, only a few add real value, and even fewer are truly fascinating and remarkable. Consistency matters, particularly on naming, and linking to internal pages or using a name that's clearly made for keyword-spamming rather than true conversation will kill your efforts before they begin.

Conduct Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts

A big part of showing up in search engines is targeting the terms and phrases your audience is actually typing into a search engine. It's hard to know what these words will be unless you do some research, and luckily, there's a free tool from Google to help called the Adwords Key Planner.

Frequently Reference Your Own Posts and Those of Others


The web was not made for static, text-only content. Readers appreciate links, as do other bloggers, site owners, and even search engines. When you reference your own material in-context and in a way that's not manipulative (watch out for over-optimizing by linking to a category, post or page every time a phrase is used - this is almost certainly discounted by search engines and looks terrible to those who want to read your posts), you potentially draw visitors to your other content AND give search engines a nice signal about those previous posts.

Make website Faster



If a website is slow, then we lose half of our visitors. Make your website faster and watch your traffic increase significantly. So website or blogger page need to open in less than 3 seconds.