How to Hit the Right Spot on a Third Date – and Build a Lasting Relationship There is a ton of information online on how to make your first date a success. We all know first impressions count and that lying about key details, dominating the conversation with stories of a toxic ex, and being rude to servers is a bad idea when you take someone on a first date, but less is said about second or third date etiquette.


The Pressure Is On!

If you have scored a second date, the pressure is on. You (hopefully) like and are attracted to the other person, but you still don’t know much about them. A second date is an opportunity to delve a little deeper into what makes them tick. Many second dates turn into a flirty conversational marathon where you really start to get to know the other person. Assuming you don’t do anything disastrous or discover your date is still hung up on their ex, a second date should lead smoothly into a third date.

Now, this is where it starts to get really tricky. First dates are typically casual, perhaps a coffee date or a drink at a wine bar. Second dates are often a nice meal in a restaurant followed by drinks. This means you need to do something different for a third date. Anything less suggests you lack imagination or you are just not that interested. Neither is conducive to a long-lasting relationship.

Ideas for Third Dates

Above all else, third dates need to be interesting. It’s vital that you put some time and effort into planning a third date. If you went out for dinner on date two, avoid a restaurant for date three. By now, you should know quite a lot about your date, but if you don’t even know their last name yet, perhaps you need to slow down a little?

Go through what you do know and use this knowledge to plan a date that blows your partner’s socks off. For example, if your date loves going to the theatre, look on for some tickets to a production you think they will love. Book an early evening show and then you can spend the rest of the evening discussing the performance over a few drinks. Alternatively, if it’s a nice weekend, pack a romantic picnic and plan a hike somewhere scenic. The combination of fresh air, the sunshine, and great views is bound to whet their appetite for more dates - and you!

Other fun ideas include trips to art galleries and museums, sporting events, or personalized sightseeing tours to a place your date has never visited before.

What NOT to Do

Do not make the mistake of feigning an interest in something your date loves, just to impress them. In the short-term, it won’t be a problem, but if they eventually discover you have been bored silly attending historical re-enactment events for the best part of a year, they might start to wonder what else you have been faking…

Keep these tips in mind, and it should be a big success!