Amazon has been venturing into a lot of fields. One of them being Amazon fire TV. Make no mistake of considering Amazon fire TV box as just one of the many streaming TV boxes which have arrived on the scene. Amazon fire TV is one of the most impressive integrations of hardware and software we as customers can get our hands on. It contains a lot of features, it is powerful and certainly being backed by Amazon's own TV service. In this article, we will see how to install amazon fire tv with ease.


About Amazon fire TV

It is an answer by Amazon to its many rivals in TV streaming business. After a successful venture into Kindle devices and exceptional service by the use of Kindle Fire Support, Amazon has now come on the streaming TV scenario. Amazon fire TV makes use of Amazon's own streaming media service which came bundled with Amazon's e-shopping business but now it is also being integrated into the television.

Amazon fire TV also comes in a stick form and hence the stick is a more stripped off version of the same experience as in Amazon fire TV full version. The stick is also backed by same Fire TV Support and hence users can have a peace of mind while using that too. Fire stick has some stripped-down features of fire TV but it does what it is intended to do.

How to install Amazon fire TV

What users need to install Amazon fire TV as mentioned by Fire Stick Support which is identical to fire TV:

1.       An HDTV: which supports HDMI

2.       HDMI cable: high-speed HDMI or premium HDMI2

3.       Internet connection: Preferably high speed to run at HD and above

4.       Amazon account: to watch content through Amazon prime and to run Amazon fire stick and TV.



Though all Amazon devices and services are connected together, Connect Kindle Fire To TV service has not yet been implemented. Thus, Kindle is one of the only devices which are not fully integrated into the Amazon TV ecosystem. However, kindle fire which is a tablet based reader is integrated with Amazon fire TV and has its own Amazon fire TV app.

Another step which needs to be done is to setup the hardware. The hardware is a proprietary system and can be setup easily. After the power plug has been set in, one can set up the remote control because until then, the Fire TV Not Working issue will be shown.

The pairing of remote is also needed. Fire TV remote, as according to Fire Stick Help can be paired using Wi-Fi and hence needs additional setup. The setup itself is self-explanatory and hence just needs pairing of remote to set top box.

Connecting to the internet is also very crucial. On screen, instructions will help you to insert Wi-Fi password of the selected router and pair device to the internet. Amazon Fire TV Support can be reached in case of further issues related to connecting to the internet. Once we are connected to the internet, we need to register fire tv to the Amazon. Signing into Amazon account via the TV account will pop up a menu and hence will register our account with the TV after a 2-factor authentication.


And after all these steps are followed, Amazon fire TV will be registered with the respective account and setup will be complete. Hence, we can also control the subscription from our mobile device and control which device is registered. We can also deregister our device from Amazon fire TV if needed using the same app.