Step No 1: Let the Boards Acclimate

Put all the boxes of laminate floors in the room you want to install it in. It is necessary to place the unopened boxes of the laminate floor so it can adjust to the room temperature. In this way, you can prevent shrinkage in the laminate when it cools or warms off.

Step No 2: Clean the Floor

Clean off all the surfaces before you place the laminate on the floor. Use a long broom long brush to clean the dust and to wipe all the dirt off the floor. There are many ways to clean the floor such as sweeping or any other method you prefer. The point is to clean and make the floor dry enough to place the laminate in a perfect way.

Step No 3: Lay a Moisture Barrier

After cleaning the surfaces, lay a new plastic lining on the floor. Use a moisture resistant adhesive tape to stick the plastic to the floor. Make sure there are no overlaps on the plastic lining because it can make your laminate floor look bad and raise it. If you are putting a plastic lining on a concrete floor then place it an inch or two from the walls.

Step No 4: Lay Down Your Padding or Plastic Lining

There are many kinds of padding which may include the plastic lining. If your padding does not include a plastic lining then you can cover the floor with foam floor padding. A double padding can prevent any type of dust particles, sand, small rocks, or residue on the floor. These types of material may rise up your laminate floor and cause dimples on it. You can prevent any kind of creaking or squeaking noises by placing flat plastic lining on the floor. Cut the foam lining to fit the floor and tape it down.

Step No 5: Place the First Board

It is best for you to make a strategy before placing the laminate flooring. Place a board first at the top left or right corner and finished side up. Face the ridge towards the wall. Lay the board on the floor so it becomes parallel to the longest side of the wall.

Step No 6: Place Spacers

Try to wedge spacers between the front and edge of the board from your wall. You can buy spacers from the supermarket or make some on your own. The spacers should be L-shaped and a foot long if you are making it by yourself. Try to make several spacers or buy in large quantity because you may need many.

Step No 7: Repeat for the Second Board

Now it's time to place the second board on the floor. Lay the board end to end on the next spot. Try to make the first row of laminate flooring parallel to the longest wall. In this way, you can make your room look clean and attractive.


Step No 8: Move On To The Second Row


Take a wooden block to tap the second row of the board into the first one. Hold the second block in your left hand and hammer it down to place until it fits the right position. Close the gap or any small space between the first and second board. Use a hammer make the gaps disappear. Repeat the same step for every other row until you place the whole room with laminate flooring.

Unique Flooring has shared a few steps so you can install laminate flooring by yourself.