Plush and soft towels are an essential part of everyday life. If you want to make sure that the towels are gentle on the skin then you need to invest in highest quality towels. Towels manufactured using the best material are not cheap so you should take proper care of the towels so they stay in their best condition for a long time. There are different types of available in the market including bath towels; tea towels etc. all the towels need proper care and maintenance to stay fresh for a long time. 

Here are a few tips that will help in maintaining the quality of the towels.

Washing Before Use:

When you buy cheap towels they can come with a layer of softener so it is better to wash the towels before you start using them. The chemicals can be harmful to the skin so it is better to be safe and get rid of any chemical that may be present on the towel surface. Give the towels their first wash by using a mixture of detergent and vinegar and it will help in getting rid of the factory chemicals. If the towels are not absorbing water then it means that there is a layer of chemicals on it.

Washing Separately:

It is better to wash the towels separately from other cloths. Washing them with other fabrics can leave strings, lint and fluff on the surface of the towels. If you do not wash them separately you will have to wash them again to make sure that they are properly cleaned. When you are washing towels separately you will be able to clean them in shorter cycles. It will cause natural friction which is good for the fluffiness of the towels.

Avoid Wver-Washing:

Over-washing can also cause the towels to lose their freshness and softness quickly so you should be careful about how many times you wash them between uses. You can use the towels three to four times between the washes. It is ideal for most of the towels. The weather and some other factors can play a part in washing them sooner or later. In humid conditions, you may need to wash them more as the towels can quickly become moldy and moist. If you live in dry conditions then you do not need to wash them as often.

Separating Colors:

When you are washing or drying the towels you need to separate the towels of different colors.  If you wash white ones with the colored ones then it will allow the color to bleed on to the lighter colors. It will ruin the color of the towels and they will look worn out and old. You can keep the towels vibrant and fresh by being careful while washing them.

Careful use of Fabric Softeners:

Using too much fabric softeners can cause the towels to wear out quickly. Everybody wants to have soft and plush towels but using too much softener can have a negative impact on the absorbency of the towels. If you are careful about the amount of softener that you are using it will help in avoiding buildup of residue.