Latest studies done by renowned nutritionist indicates that the there are many obese currently on the planet compared to ten years ago and this is because of the drastic change of human behavior such as working from home, change of diet and generally good lifestyle. Many people will tend to agree that they have weight gains and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they eat a lot, but it is because there are a lot of processed foods in the market.

Today I am going to share with you some very simple tips on the best way to lose 10 pounds fast and it is a guarantee that you will love it. Some of these vital ways to have that perfect body look you always yearn are outlined below:

9 Weight Loss Tips To Help You Lose 10 Pounds

1. Drink enough water- water plays a major role in not only for digestion but also in body metabolism. It is also a very good de toxicant.

2. Lift heavy weights- this is actually the best way to increase your metabolism and a good way to sustain a long term muscle growth thereby staying lean.

3. Cut off some simple carbohydrates- every time you have your meals ensure that you don’t crave for refined carbohydrates such as cakes, cookies, candies, white bread and many other packaged bowls of cereal because our bodies tend to absorb them very quickly and they are not usually that nutritious.

4. Take lean protein- soy products are probably the best source of protein. Ensure that you crave for beef that is of high lean say 97% and 3% fat. Also if you are fond of chicken, eat the ones without the skin attached.

5. Keep off fast food- this is probably the root cause of many weight problems we experience as human beings on the planet. These types of food are way too exaggerated in the salt and sugar concocted in them with no nutritional elements in them. If you are sure that you want to shed off that extra pound please avoid taking these type of foods.

6. Take a good breakfast- do not try to miss this important meal as many would tend to do. The best way to begin the day is to ensure that you dine like a king. Try out some foods like egg-white breakfast, spinach with omelet and some fresh blueberries. This will ensure that your metabolism is jump started off in the best manner thereby providing enough energy to last you until lunch hours.

7. Come up with your calorie Journal- this is important since you will note on the days you went over your limit and most importantly which food tasted good.

8. Exercise Frequently- this is the most vital activity in the quest for losing 10 pounds. Ensure that small activities like going to the nearby grocery store can be done by you. Also, you can source for a pedometer which can be able to keep a track record of the number of steps/trips you take every day.

9. Practice the habit of warming up even before you go out, lets’ say when you wake up from your bed. You can also dance to the tune of your favorite artist behind the closets.

If you are serious enough that you want to lose 10 pounds fast try out the above-listed activities and you will be surprised a lot of how it was easy to go about that weight issue.