I have often admired wooden tables and wondered if it is possible to build one with my own two hands. This wondering turned into motivation to actually build a wood table of my own. You see, wood has personality but only develops the character when something is made from it. These are the steps I used to build the character from personality: 

1. Pencil and Paper are your friends
It is important to visualize the kind of wood table you would want to build. This is more often determined by where you intend to place your wood table and what you want to use it for. Once done visualizing, sketch it out. Ensure that your sketch includes measurements of each dimension of the table.
2. Buy Your Personality
Buy your wood according to your sketch and the dimensions to use. Remember, your wood is just personality that needs character added to it. Try not to deviate from your sketch. Buy just a little extra wood in case the character building process hits one or two snags. As you buy your wood, include other materials that are required to build characters such as nails, table saw, hand planer, wood glue. The intended use of your table determines the type of wood to buy. For indoor use, a nice, soft wood such as pine will do. For outdoor use, consider hardwood such as teak or mahogany. 
3. Build Character
This is the final step in building your wood table. Slowly put together your table top using tongue and groove planking. Ensure that you leave the table top planked overnight to facilitate proper bonding. The next day, create the sections under the table top that will support the legs. This basically means that you join four pieces of wood together that are measured in from the edge of the table. Glue these pieces of wood together and then reinforce using eight screws, two near each edge.

Leave this overnight and give the glue, screws and wood time to bond. While bonding is taking place, measure and cut one of the four legs that your table will need to stand on its own. From here, use the one leg you have cut as a guide to cut the other four legs. For this, you will need to clamp them together.

Once done, reward yourself with a drink. You have worked hard so far. The next day, turn the table top you worked on earlier upside down and apply, glue the legs, one at a time, to the corner edges at 90-degree angles. Gently turn the table right side up and screw the legs in place from the top. Leave this overnight and you will have built the character from the personality that is wood.