Every 30,000 km to check the working status of oxygen sensors, if the aging or failure, timely cleaning or replacement of new oxygen sensor. Because, three-way catalytic device and engine performance will Sensor be due to the work of oxygen sensor damage and damage, do not lose because of small. Do not let the oxygen sensor collide with the hard object, because the oxygen sensor has ceramic sensitive components, if dropped on the ground or with other hard objects, this violent shock, shock, it may damage the sensor ceramic components or heating elements.

   Avoid pulling the sensor wire, which, like other electrical equipment, pulls the sensor wire excessively, which can lead to unreliable connection of the sensor, thus affecting the operation of the oxygen sensor. When the engine just turned off, must not immediately Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor rinse the exhaust pipe. Because the exhaust pipe by the external rapid cooling, will lead to oxygen sensor ceramic sensor components burst, resulting in oxygen sensor damage.

  Second, how to make ternary catalyst longer life?

   1. Do not refuel the small gas station

  The oil problem is the biggest cause of damage to oxygen sensors and ternary catalytic converters. Therefore, the owner in the daily car as much as possible to avoid the irregular gas station refueling. If you add a gas station, the vehicle appeared when the frustration or lack of power and other failures, we must promptly to 4S shop cleaning and timely replacement of gas stations.

   2. Avoid prolonged idling

  Idle idling, the engine will have a small amount of mixed gas is not completely burned, directly into the exhaust system, if the idle time is too long will lead to exhaust system continues to heat up, thus burning three yuan catalytic converter. Therefore, the owner as much Temperature Sensor as possible to reduce the long idle time. At the same time to regularly check the three-way catalytic converter (but must be down after the temperature can be operated!), If there are high temperature burned traces and abnormal colors, indicating that the catalyst has been overheating, the work has been reduced.

  3. Three-way catalytic converter not to care

   This is because the manufacture of three-way catalyst material is very fragile, collision will be broken, resulting in catalyst and exhaust system blockage, so the car should pay special attention to car care. At the same time to regularly check the three-way catalytic converter (but must be down after the temperature can be operated!), To see if there is no damage in the appearance Pressure Sensor of the three-way catalyst temperature drop can be hit by metal surface or driving, if you listen To the inside there are similar ceramic broken sound, indicating that the catalyst has been damaged, need to be replaced.

       In the case of normal vehicles, oxygen sensors and three-way catalytic converter is not so easy to bad, the owner usually pay more attention to some of the details can be a good extension of life. In addition, if the owner found his car appeared frustration and lack of ABS Sensor power and other issues, we must promptly to 4S shop cleaning oil and replace the gas station.