Making someone smile not only brightens up their day, but it will also make you feel happier too. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make a loved one grin from ear-to-ear. We’re therefore offering various helpful tips on how to make someone smile.

A Flower Delivery

Whether you want to cheer up a friend, romance your partner or say thank you to a family member, you should consider sending a stunning bouquet of flowers to their door to show them how much you care. Not only will they adore a beautiful floral arrangement, but they will be touched that you have gone to great lengths to brighten up both their day and home. Visit Omaha Florist to find a lovely bouquet at an affordable price, which you can deliver to either their home or workplace.

Allow a Loved One to Choose an Activity

Ask your partner, friend or family member what he or she would most like to do with their day, such as going to the movies, attending a concert or playing a game of golf. This will let you to treat them to a superb day out, while allowing you both to create fond memories together.

Give Them a Compliment

Everyone likes sincere praise. Make someone’s day by giving someone a genuine compliment, which will make them feel good about themselves. Not only will it improve their day, but it could boost their self-confidence. So, tell someone if their hair looks nice, if they have a nice smile or if you like the smell of their perfume or cologne.

Be There for a Friend in Need

Simply being there for a friend can often be enough to make them smile. Reach out to friends who needs someone to listen carefully to their concerns, ease their worries or to give them a much-needed hug. You can guarantee your support alone will improve their mood and raise a smile, especially if they know you’ll be there for them every step of the way.

Buy Their Favorite Food

Let’s face it, most of us love food. Even the thought of our favorite food is usually enough to make us smile. So, make a friend or family member smile by treating them to their favorite food, which could be a delicious pizza, candy bar or homemade cookies. It’s one surprise they will certainly appreciate.

Tell a Joke

Of course, an instant way to make a person smile is by telling them a joke, such as a funny pun, elaborate gag or a witty anecdote. Humor is easily one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a person smile or laugh aloud. Even an unfunny or corny joke can be funny, because it can be so bad that it is good. Also, your eagerness to tell a poor joke could be enough to earn you a smile.

Do you have a top tip for making someone smile? Please feel free to share your helpful advice by writing a comment below.