Jewellery completes a look. It elevates an otherwise laid-back outfit. Fashion jewelry is usually reasonably priced and a must in one’s wardrobe. However, one of the drawbacks of fashion jewelry is that it does not last. It tarnishes easily, loses its color and shine and also breaks easily. To extend your jewelry’s lifetime, incorporate the following practices-


  Wear your accessories at the end. Put on your body lotion, makeup and perfume and then grab your baubles. By doing this your accessories will not come in contact with chemical agents and hence will not get tarnished or suffer any discoloration.

  Make sure your accessories don’t tangle with each other, as it will lead to the formation of scratches. The best way out is to store all your jewellery in zip lock bags to avoid scratches, as well as their oxidation. Don’t forget to store your beloved PANDORA earrings in an airtight bag so that they last longer.

  Store your accessories away from sunlight and humidity. When cleaning accessories, avoid using a damp cloth. Instead use a dry soft tissue to keep them sparkling.

  Clear nail polish can also be used to protect the insides of your favourite accessories. This practice too will prevent your jewellery from oxidizing.



When not in use, store the jewellery in its case. Fashion jewellery is not meant to be worn on a daily basis as it leads to discoloration and tarnishing more quickly than usual. So, it’s important to give your PANDORA bracelet a little break from time to time.