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There are few things keep in mind when you are choosing for online flower delivery, sending flowers online is getting popular now a days and its growing at the pace of 30% per year. But there are few things one should keep in mind before placing order online for flowers and gifts.


Choose from the right online florist

When send flowers online one should keep in mind, where you are sending the flowers for eg. if you are in Mumbai and want to send flowers to pune for anniversary or birthday, one should use google effectively, google local has given a option to choose a florist which is local and online as well as, google review help a lots to get information about the florist.

Few site really help to get the right review about the florist, mouth shut and there are ample of site which give's genuine review about the florist and its service.

There are lots of complaint against online florist who have not delivered the product or the product delivered in not what they have ordered.

Raise the issue immediately with the concerned customer care, if they are not listening then try to raise the issue with consumer forum and if the product is not delivered and they are not picking you calls, try to contact EOW ( Economic offence Wing) in your city. 

Do check the company status and reputation over the net.



Delivery status

Many online florist delivered for Sameday and Midnight service with some extra bucks. Make sure with the company what is the cut of time for the Sameday delivery, some online portals take orders for the Sameday before 3 pm after that they do not entertain for the Sameday or midnight delivery, one has to make ensure regarding this information.

Quality of the flowers and products.

Most of the online florist does not have their own flower shop or bakery shop, one should keep this in mind but they have the best vendors for flowers, cakes and gifts. Most of the operates under franchise systems. Regarding quality of the flowers and cakes it depends which bakery or which flowers vendor are tie-ups.

Reputed online florist always look for quality products and make sure customer should get the best bouquet or cakes, but sometime availability with the local vendors make the issues of quality and prompt delivery, big florist always tie-up with many vendors if one fails other option are always available with them.


One should understand that flowers and cakes are tangible and quality and taste differ from place to place, for eg. flowers in Pune and flowers in Ranchi will not have same the same quality, because the Pune is the hub of horticulture  and quality and size always differ from Ranchi, this thing happen with the cake's also in big cities baker have the upper edge always.