Get regular charging

Although we can't get rid of stress in our lives, we can learn to cope with stress. Changing different aspects of Your life, You will soon notice that you are both physically and emotionally, the better transfer of stress. 

Stress is Your body's response to change. This is an internal reaction to external factors (e.g., difficulties at work, getting buy cheap essay). In a state of stress in the body there are the same changes as in physical activity - increased heart rate, muscle tension, shortness of breath, changes in blood pressure, acceleration of metabolism. Therefore, regular physical activity is an opportunity for the body to exercise easier to tolerate stress. Physical exercise will help You cope with the current stressful situation. 

It is shown that the most effective adaptation to stress and physical exertion associated with breathing exercise - walking, running.


You'll probably be surprised how quickly you will be able to relax your mind, if you learn to relax physically. You may have noticed that in a situation of stress You have muscle tension. This physiological reaction to stress. For our ancestors it was very useful because in a situation of danger, they had either to attack or to escape. Therefore, physiologically entrenched such a muscular response to stress. It is no coincidence that the muscle tension - the equivalent of anxiety. It turns out that relaxing the muscles can reduce anxiety and deal with stress. One of the ways to relax - relaxation according to Jacobson. 

To learn how to relax - you need to do exercise regularly, at least once a day. At first You will have to go at it from 10 to 20 minutes. Over time, You learn to relax and relieve stress faster. With regular performance of this exercise You will feel more calm and relaxed throughout the day. In addition, You will learn how to do shorter exercises in the middle of the day when need be.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make You sensitive to stress and complicate getting rid of anxiety and depression. If You find it difficult to fall asleep, You have interrupted sleep, insomnia or You Wake up much before the alarm and then can't sleep, in the morning I feel weakness and fatigue - maybe You have an anxiety disorder or depression. Even if You don't have these diseases, insomnia can make You more prone to stress and more alarming. 

To build a dream - try to go to bed at the same time every night, including weekends. If You can't sleep - don't be tempted to shorten sleep on weekdays and sleep in on the weekend. Your body is used to the measured cyclic lives. One of these cycles, sleep-Wake. Breaking this cycle is stress to the body. Start with, get up the same time every morning and go to bed at the same time every night - this will help the body to rebuild and build a dream. It usually takes 1-2 weeks. To establish if the sleep does not work - be sure to consult your doctor therapist. 


Probably don't need to prove that humor helps to eliminate stress, but you need to remind you that need to laugh more often!. Don't wait for will come someone and make You laugh. Remember of something funny right now! Perhaps it's some funny memories from my life, a funny joke, book or movie. And it's not a waste of time, and exercise helps to fight stress. At least find something funny on the Internet. 

Take time to relax

In a continuation of the previous exercise. Make time to rest. The time in which no one (including You) have no right to take You to work or household duties. It may not be easy. But it must be done. Try to come up with right now something to do to distract and relax. No matter how You rest, it should be done regularly. And do not blame yourself for what You are wasting your time. Engage in a hobby, play soccer with the kids, learn to draw, walk in the Park - do whatever you want. The main thing - to allocate a little time for yourself (but you can spend this time with someone with whom You feel comfortable). Do not have to spend a lot of money. And You are no one's fault, if you give time to yourself.

Consume less coffee, alcohol, smoke less

There are some changes You can make in your diet to combat stress. First, reduce the consumption of coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant and it causes Your body to react the same way as under stress. So Your body (psyche?) may be more sensitive to different life event and it is more difficult for them to adapt. In addition, coffee may trigger a panic attack. If you used to drink a lot of coffee is decrease its use gradually, in order not to experience withdrawal symptoms in the form of constant lethargy and sleepiness. 

Another stimulant - nicotine. Nicotine can cause about the same physiological responses, and coffee. Try to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day. However, sudden cessation of Smoking may be stressful for the body. 

Alcohol can cause anxiety after some time after its use. Even if, at the time of its use You feel calm, after some time, the liver will process alcohol into formaldehyde, which causes anxiety. A hangover is often accompanied by vegetative violations that could trigger the alarm. In addition, if You are taking any medication, alcohol reduces their effect on the body. 

Finally, watch what You eat, how regularly You eat and what time You eat. Adhering to a healthy diet, you allow yourself to feel better physically. 

Do not hesitate to ask for help

If You suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia or are constantly experiencing stress, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can go to the doctor-psychotherapist or psychologist that will help to accurately understand what is happening to You and help you cope with stress, anxiety or depression using psychotherapy and, if necessary, prescribe drugs (antidepressants, tranquilizers, hypnotics). Specialist will support You in difficult times of Your life. 

In addition, You can seek help from relatives and friends. Not everyone is Your friend going to help You. Many of them may not even know about Your problems. Think about who of the people around you. You could ask for help. With someone you just could spend a fun time, to cope with anxiety. And the closest people You could ask to escort You to the reception to the psychotherapist or psychologist. Most importantly - do not withdraw into them. Do not overestimate, but not underestimate the love and friendship of people close to You. 

Be distracted from negative thoughts

"Positive thinking" does not mean all the time to be happy and optimistic. In the life of any person sometimes there are unpleasant events. 

However, if You all the time fixated on negative thoughts, constantly feel the aggression, You are impatient, don't like yourself, criticise themselves and generally don't often think about positive things - You probably are not very easy to cope with stress. In this case, You can help sessions with a psychologist or therapist.

Learn to manage your time

"Time management" - is not the right phrase. Something about her is disturbing. Perhaps it is the word "management"? Try not to take it as some kind of special strict routine of life, aims at saving time. Dispose of the time necessary, taking into account possible changes and is very individual. 

Stress often occurs when a person experiences physical and emotional overload. So try to plan your time so that You have enough time for everything You plan. Planning your life, You may find that You want something to give or to take into account that you need to devote time to some boring, but necessary to run things. Only You can decide that for You correctly. Remember that cause stress - unpredictability. So why not make life a little predictability? Then, when Your life situation stabilizes, You will be able to give it up. It is possible to learn to manage your time, You will have to learn new skills, for example, to say "no" to entrust the loved ones home.

Stop being a perfectionist

Perfectionism (the desire to do everything perfectly) is the source of some negative thoughts. Of course, it is good to strive for the best but to always do everything perfectly impossible. If you can't get away from perfectionism - You will always treat yourself with increased criticism. To get rid of perfectionism, You need to learn two things:

1. To understand the difference between "the best I can do" and "perfect."

2. Praise yourself for every achievement, every day, no matter how small it may seem. To do this, try to keep a journal in which You daily write about all the useful, what You've done.