Buying a new fridge is not cheap, which is the reason why you want to get the best quality for the money, right?

However, this quest can easily turn into a real nightmare, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. There are just too many models and brands on the market these days, and the worst thing here is that they all seem to be the best in category. This is far from the truth, of course.

In this article, we will show you a few tricks you should use during your quest for the perfect family fridge.



Learn the basics

Probably the first thing you need to learn about these cool home devices is that all models fall into two main categories: industrial (commercial) and home.

Devices from the first category usually have stronger compressors; have wider temperature range, bigger capacity….And they cost more than a regular fridge.

In the next step, we should be able to recognize these styles:

·         French door is the most popular style, where we have a classic two doors and the freezer that is placed at the bottom of the fridge.  

·         Bottom freezer

·         Top freezer

·         Side by side- freezer section is placed in doors

Of course, there are much more things we should know when it comes do styles and options. If you want to learn more about specialized devices, including freestanding beverage center, you should check this website.  

Checking the space and dimensions

Before you go to the store or hit the buy button, you should check the space and see if your new appliance can be placed there or not. This is very important because every single device must be installed according to certain rules, including adequate space. Check is there enough space for a fridge. Also, check installation.

It is extremely important to install your device as it is specified in the producer’s manual. If this is beyond your abilities, just ask for the professional help.

Capacity and design


It is not the same if you have a big family or you are single. It would be ridiculous to choose a big, family-size fridge if you are alone. It will not only occupy your space, but it will also “eat” your electricity. So, think about your situation and take some time to see which device would be the perfect choice. For example, if you do not spend too much time in a kitchen, you should look for a smaller device, probably without freezer section.

Nutrition style


The same as in the previous paragraph, the model of your next cooling appliance should depend on your eating style. It is just not just the same if you, for example, like to eat a good portion of a stake every single day, or you prefer vegan cuisine. In the first situation, you should consider a device with large freezer section. In the second, a small one will be just fine.