The situation in today’s market is such that any business can hardly survive without some kind of marketing. Still, promoting your business can be quite expensive. Billboards, newspaper ads and TV commercials will take a big chunk out of your budget. That is why you should always try to come up with less expensive ways to spread the word about your company. There are quite a few things you can do that do not cost a fortune but will still attract you customers. Be sure to keep reading and become more familiar with some of these proven marketing strategies.

Try e-mail marketing



E-mail marketing is cost-effective, flexible and efficient. You can use it for newsletters, new product announcements or sharing some interesting articles connected to your field of business. Be sure to make a long mailing list made up of old customers. That way you will stay in touch with them and still drive traffic to your website. Still, it is important to share only relevant things as you do not want to be labeled as a “spammer”. A mail per 2 or 3 weeks is more than enough.

Build stronger relationships

strong relationship

People you know may also have an important role in the promotion of your company. Take a look at it like this. An average person knows around 200 people. Each of those 200 knows 200 more. That is 40.000 potential customers already. Just make sure that all of your family, friends and colleagues know about your business and are ready to spread a word about it. With each satisfied customer you get 200 more potential customers. That is why you should always build strong relationships with all of these people. Don’t just sell the product but talk to people and make friends with them. Be sure all of your employees do the same.

Create Instructional Videos

We don’t have to mention how popular YouTube is and how easy it is to upload and share your videos today. So why don’t use that as a way of promoting your business? Record an instructional video and share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter. In the video you can promote the products you are selling or the services you are offering. This is something many companies that sell tools do. They make a video on how to build something and while doing so, they are promoting the tools they are using and mentioning where the viewers can get it.

Use promotional products

promo products

Promotional materials are unparalleled when it comes to attracting new clients. A recent study found that 52% of the subjects ultimately did the business with company that gave them some promotional material. All of the remaining 48% of the subjects said that they will definitely consider that company again, because of the nice gesture. Giving a promotional product like key chain or a pen can also be a great ice-breaker when it comes to talking to any potential customers. Promotional clothing is also something you can’t go wrong with. Talk to the professionals at Clothing Planet and design t-shirts or hoodies with the logo of your company.


Be sure to follow all of these strategies and there will definitely be more customers coming at your door and won’t cost you much. More customers means more money and faster development of your business.