When you carpet your living area properly, you give it a homely feel. However, your carpets tend to pick up a lot of dirt and debris. The fact that you lay your carpet on the floor exposes them to your feet, dirty shoes and urine from your pets. Dirt on your carpet may be superficial or deep. Your vacuum cleaner will only pick up superficial dirt and debris from your carpet. In order for you to address dirt that is deeply entrenched in your carpets and rugs, you need to explore other options. One of the most effective ways is to steam clean your carpet. Steam is basically water is hot. Vaporized form. The steam is able to penetrate the inner fibers of your carpets and clean it. In the process, steam cleaning also kills unwanted microbes lurking in the depths of your carpet. The following are a few tips and pointers on how to steam clean your valuable carpets.


Prior Preparation

Before you steam clean your carpet, choose a steam cleaner that is highly rated. As you check its features, ensure that you check its water and soil removal capacity. You can also check for how it retains the fiber surface of your carpet. An ideal steam cleaner should allow you to remove a maximal amount of water and lots of soil. At the same time, it should not damage the overall appearance and integrity of your carpet. Your steam cleaner should be able to remove enough amounts of water that will enable your carpet to dry out completely in at least 12 hours or so. If your steam cleaner over -wets your carpet, it may encourage the growth of mold and damage your carpet's backing. If you use a steam cleaner that is not powerful enough to completely extract the cleaning solution, your carpet will end up re -soiling faster.

Select an Ideal Time

Before steam cleaning your carpet, check the prevailing weather conditions outside. Ensure that you clean your carpet when the weather outside allows it to dry out completely. If the weather is humid outside, it will probably not be a good idea to steam clean your carpet.

Remove Any Obstacles

Remove any furniture or obstacles that may be on your carpet. This will ensure that you have a clear, straight path to clean without any obstructions. You will be able to see any dirt on your carpet quite clearly, especially in high traffic areas. This will allow you to focus your cleaning efforts on such areas for good results.

Using the Steam Cleaner

Start by filling out the steam cleaner's container with hot water. Check the operating manual of the steam cleaner in order for you to establish how much cleaning solution you should use. Ensure that you use a cleaning solution that has a pH of less than 10. This will ensure that your carpet fibers and dye's integrity are not compromised in any way.

Final Verdict

Your vacuum cleaner will only be able to remove superficial dirt particles, dust, and debris from your carpets. Dirt easily finds its way into the inner depths of your carpets fibers. In order to ensure that the inner areas of your carpet are cleaned out, steam cleaning is your best bet.