Every PC user knows there are a number of emailing platforms and these emailing platforms have improved the pace of communication among individuals. Among a large number of emailing services, Windows Live Mail is one of the most preferred emailing platforms that are used by a number of business owners for their daily communication, but its’ not possible for everyone to carry a laptop every time.     

If you use iPhone and you know you can access your phone for a lot of wonderful things as it offers a number of features and accessing your mailbox on your iPhone is one of these features. You can setup your mailbox with an ease and in the same way you are able to check your Windows Live Mail account on your phone.

You can follow these steps to setup your mailbox on your phone and in case, you are not able to follow these steps successfully then connect with an expert at Windows live support number UK team.

Steps to follow:

·         Turn on your phone and go to “Settings” icon and you will find a list of options there on your phone screen.

·         Scroll down and go to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar” that is just next to “Add Account”.

·         Now go to Windows Live email address and password in the “Email” and “Password” section and then click “Next”.

·         Next, you can choose the items in the list like email and contacts that you want to sync with your I Phone.

·         Once you are done with sync process, click on “Save”.

·         Now visit “Mail” icon on your IPhone home screen and you’ll be able to access your Windows Live Mail account. Now you can send and receive emails using your live mail account on your phone.

With these above-mentioned steps, you can easily setup your live mail account on your phone and if you face any trouble in setting up the app on your phone, get in touch with an expert today. You just need to keep the Windows Live Mail support number handy to associate with an expert anytime.

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