The time has come for you to ask the girl of your dreams to become your wife. You have no doubts and are more than ready to pop the question. You can no longer picture a day in which she is not in your life. The rest of your life is hanging by a heart string and you are extremely nervous to make the proposal as perfect as your beloved one is to you.


One of the main difficulties you may have while preparing for this day is choosing an engagement ring that she will instantly love. To all those unprepared it might be a daunting task indeed, so if you are having problems selecting her perfect engagement ring, find our great solutions in the following sections.


Being prepared

Let’s face it, the art involved within the selection process for the perfect engagement ring does not exist. In its place lies a total mystery. Being prepared will make this task a whole lot less stressful. As with any large and important purchase, it is best to learn, study and be prepared.


A little research is never a bad idea. Checking the feedback various stores and manufacturers receive can also help ensure a good decision will be made. After all the electronic shopping networks have been created and matured for just such usage.


Set a spending budget

First and foremost, it is of prime importance to set a spending budget. This has multiple layers of necessity included such as limiting the endless selection of rings since with a spending budget finally defined you can ask the jeweler for a selection of rings you can actually afford instead of finding something beautiful only to discover you won't be able to buy it. Having said that, there are some great budgeting tips to help save money before beginning to shop for an engagement ring. Be sure to check them out.


Setting a spending budget is a great way to enter into the beginning of your new life in a positive financial manner. It is also a perfect way in which to show your beloved that you truly know her tastes.


Locate and use a helpful resource guide

Your engagement can be made not only possible but easier and less stressful, thanks to the knowledge base located on the Monroe Yorke Diamonds website. Within the knowledge base you will discover everything from trends over the years, styles, types, and many other helpful guides, making it a desired first look location.


Consider a customized engagement ring

Customizing is a perfect way to show the potential bride-to-be that you love, listen, and know her well enough to design the ring all on your own. Deep and easy breathing is not a prerequisite either as custom does not mean expensive, often the opposite holds true. This will allow the ring to be just as beautiful and unique as the person who is to wear it.


The four C’s of diamonds

Doing a little research into the four C’s of diamonds can help you save many hours once the shopping has begun. The four C’s are cut, color, clarity, and carat. The American Gem Society has added an additional fifth C that is often the most overlooked and yet the most important. Confidence! Confidence in your love, desire to wed, and ability to select her the perfect engagement ring is all within you, do not doubt yourself.


Girlfriends love to help

Do not hesitate to ask your girlfriend’s closest girlfriends for their help. They have become close by sharing dreams, hopes, desires and secrets with one another. Her girlfriends are also masterful assets in understanding her personal taste and styles.


Often times they will even know her ring size, if not, they stand an easier chance in obtaining the information without being so obvious. You might even consider having them shop with you as your personal ace in the whole to pleasing your hopeful future bride.


Now that you have gained some additional knowledge, don't hesitate any longer but go ahead and choose her perfect engagement ring that she will cherish for the rest of your life as a happy marriage.