(1) the first method: samsung toner cartridge have a suppression, where is the insurance tube, the fuse is 0.5A the following can be, the principle is: the new toner cartridge above the insurance tube, when the new toner cartridge loaded into the machine After the warm-up process, the machine will have a current through the fuse board through the fuse (Note: the current through the fuse, the fuse will fuse), the motherboard to get the pulse of the powder prompt to cancel; ML-808 is the same Method, but 808 can be resolved by the 'stop' key. In general you 'look at the insurance tube on the toner cartridge position, and then look at the machine corresponding to the location of the fuse, you will see two points. As if the various models of toner cartridges apply.


(2) the second method: hold down the stop button to boot, the screen appears in English Chinese words, press the Enter key, hear "drop" sound, just fine. Applicable models SF5100,5800, M808, etc.


(3) the third method; press the function (menu) key # 1934 to find the relevant ink information clear. For use with 4016 .4216, etc. Large fax machine



Press the menu - press the scroll key to find the beginning of the option - press 2 to confirm --- press the menu --- press # by pressing the menu - press # - press 1 to finish


samsung toner cartridge plus powder after the clear method! The The

1. Into the maintenance mode: menu --- # ---- 1 ---- 9 ---- 3 ---- 4 (action to be fast!) After the success of the screen display: TECH

2. Input: menu ---- left arrow ---- show NEW CARTRIDGE ---- OK ---- OK

3. Exit the maintenance mode: the method is the same as entering.

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Method 3:

Solution: menu --- # ---- 1934 ---- (press the button in two seconds the screen will become English display) press the left and right arrow keys to select the beginning of the project and then press OK twice, if this time After the cleaning is complete, the machine will have received and stored in the memory of the receiver to print out. After the completion of the print restart .. OK brothers are more flexible to use for the actual. I believe it will not be difficult.