Today’s seniors aren’t what they used to be. In fact, many are looking at their “retirement” years as a chance to start a second career, that business they had always dreamed of, and really go after their goals. No longer does “retirement” have to signal an end to their working days, instead it’s about transforming the way in which they work.

Starting your own company means you’ll be the one calling the shots, you’ll be able to provide your customers/clients with all the knowledge and experience you’ve collected over the years, and you’ll be the one in charge of your career destiny. But as we know, starting your own business isn’t exactly easy. That’s exactly why you’ll want to check out these tips that can help make that at-home business a bit more attainable.

Perfect Your Idea

There’s a good chance that you’ve been thinking about your own business for years, which also means you’ve probably thought a lot about the services/products you’d offer. Now is the chance to really perfect your idea and do some consumer and competition research. It’s important you are clear on what it is you will offer, who your targeted customer base is, whether or not your product is in demand, what kind of competition you have, and the pricing model.

Trending Careers

Trending Careers

Along these same lines, it’s also a good idea to look into the types of careers that are trending for seniors. You may be surprised to find there are a few different paths that are very much in demand, and may be your perfect business opportunity. Trending business ideas include:

  1. Providing transportation for other seniors. Just because you are able-bodied, have a vehicle, and don't mind driving around town doesn't mean all seniors are the same. With so many seniors unable to drive, or not wanting to drive, transportation services are in demand. 
  2. Senior computer/tech classes for those who want to learn, but don’t know where to go. Perhaps you are a bit of a techie, maybe your career required you to stay on top of the latest gadgets and computer programs. If so why not share your knowledge with other seniors who are looking to learn. 
  3. In-home services for seniors that have mobility issues. If you’ve got lots of energy to burn, why not start an in-home service where you can offer cooking, cleaning, and organizing services. You could even perform errands outside the house for seniors such as picking up their prescriptions from the pharmacy, or doing their grocery shopping.

Marketing Your Business

Get the Word Out by Marketing Your Business

Of course, just like with any new business, you need to market it and get the word out. Websites are usually required, and you’ll also want to have profiles on social media. Rather than tackle this job yourself, why not call in the professionals such as those at They can make sure that the content that is being posted to your website is relevant, optimised, and getting the maximum amount of traffic possible through the use of SEO tools and link building.

Now is the time to really go for what you want in life, even if that includes carving out a new career for yourself.