How to Sync Mobile Device to QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Few last days i have seen while using the Mobile Sync feature, get a QuickBooks Payments Account. With a QuickBooks Payments Account, you can accept all major credit and debit cards as well as add Gift Card Services to your business. QuickBooks Point of Sale's Mobile Sync feature gives you the power to make sales and track your inventory using your mobile phone or tablet. this feature is available for QuickBooks Point-of-Sale 2013 and newer. For more Information go Quickbooks support helpline  or go below to read some points.

Why sync to your phone or tablet?

QuickBooks Point of Sale Mobile Sync feature gives you the freedom to ring up credit card sales anywhere inside or outside of your store.

With a QuickBooks Payments Account and our free GoPayment* app, you can make payments anywhere, anytime.

  • Start accepting payments instantly.
  • Simply activate your payments account and you are ready to go.
  • No application required.
  • All sales and inventory information instantly syncs with your Point of Sale software so your records are always accurate and up-to-date.
  • The Sync feature automatically records new payments as QuickBooks Sales Receipts.

Never miss a sale whether you are on the road, at a conference, or working a convention.
Long lines at the store? Provide the best in customer service by completing sales on the spot.

If you are a QuickBooks user, all your information automatically syncs with your QuickBooks financial program. No more entry errors from re-keying data. Plus, you'll have everything ready for tax time.

*Requires an Intuit Payments Account, as well as a supported mobile device.

Mobile Sync steps :-

Activate Mobile Sync in Point of Sale

  1. From the Navigator screen, click Mobile Sync.
  2. Click Sign-in.
  3. Type in your email and password for your Intuit Payments Account.
  4. Click Sign-in.
  5. If you have multiple accounts, click Select on the account you wish to use.
  6. Back on the Navigator screen, click the Cloud icon near the top right of your screen.
  7. Click View Sync Preferences where:
  8. Mobile sync can be turned on or off.
  9. Increase or decrease sync frequency.
  10. Select Sync Data and then Save. Auto Sync is now on.

Sync specific inventory items to your mobile device: -

  • From the Misc and Shipping section of the Inventory Item Detail screen, click the Sync to Mobile or; Click the Mobile box next to the Item # on the Item List.
  • Click Save.

Sync departments to your mobile device: -

  • In Point of Sale, click on Inventory > Department List
  • From the Department columns, click Department tab to sort the department names in order.
  • Rename or edit the department name if needed.
  • Complete the mobile sync.

Complete the sync: -

  • From your mobile device, click the Go Payment app.
  • Launch the Go Payment app and sign in to your QuickBooks Payments Account.
  • Select Settings.
  • Turn on Items. Go Payment will begin syncing with Point of Sale.

Turn off Syncing: -

  • From the Navigator screen, click the cloud icon.
  • Launch the Go Payment app and sign in to your QuickBooks Payments Account.
  • Click View Sync Preferences.
  • Click Do not Sync Data.
  • Click Save.
 Hope you find this article Useful. To know more information or contact us visit Quickbooks Enterprise Support.