If you are going to be staying warm this winter, then you definitely need a strong water heater on your side. However, did you know that your water heater can easily break down or need serious repairs before winter comes? That’s because so many people just don’t know how to properly care for their water heater and ensure that it lasts for the long-run. You definitely don’t want your bank account to have to bear the brunt of a water heater repair bill. Keep reading to learn more about the top ways that you can take care of your water heater and extend its longevity.


1.   First of All, You Have to Know Where Your Water Heater Is Located

Of course, the first step towards properly caring for your water heater is to understand where exactly it is. You would be surprised at how many people don’t know where their water heaters are and therefore, just let them run without a care in the world. You need to ensure that you know where the heater is and how to get to it. If you don’t have a clear access to your heater, then you should figure out how to move things around to gain that clear access.


2.   Understand the Type of Water Heater You Have in Your Possession and How to Care for It

There are so many ways that you can power a water heater, whether that be by propane, natural gas, or electric power. There’s also those water heaters that have storage tanks and those that don’t. And there are some other seriously important points of information that come along with your heater when you purchase it. Make sure to remember all of this to ensure you are properly caring for your heater and any professional who comes around to inspect it can understand as well.


3.   Clear Out Whatever Rubbish and Debris Might Be Around Your Heater

It’s best to ensure that you don’t pile a lot of storage or extra items around your water heater. Not only is this a serious fire hazard as your water heater can get seriously hot, this is going to reduce the efficiency of your device. Plus, if there ever were to be a leak of your water heater, you would have no way of telling thanks to all of the stuff in the way.


4.   Flush Out Your Water Heater on A Regular Basis

A great way to maintain your water heater is to regularly drain it of a few gallons every year. You can use a bucket to capture the hot water and release it into an area where it won’t cause any sort of heat damage. Be sure to check whether you see any sort of debris in the water that you flushed. If you do, then you should do an entirely full flush on your whole unit.


5.   Have an Inspection Done Every Single Year on Your Heater

Of course, you can’t maintain your water heater on your own. That’s why there are professional inspectors who can come around to your house on a yearly basis to check and see what could be wrong with your heater. If there is anything wrong, then he or she is going to notice it and you can fix the problem before it becomes an expensive repair. This is a big step to ensuring you don’t have to pay a ton out of pocket to fix up a broken or mismanaged water heater.


6.   Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Down To 120 Degrees

A great way to reduce your energy costs and cut down on the risk of scalding by your water heater is to lower down the thermostat. You can lower it down to 120 degrees in order to save a bit on your energy bill every month and increase the efficiency of your unit.


Each of these points are going to help you keep your water heater going for the long haul. Make sure to keep them in mind as the winter comes around and you need to keep your home warm.