A blog today serves as a powerful platform for communication which can easily become a full-time and quite lucrative job. Here are 6 essential tips to help you take your blog to the next level.


1. Pick the right images

No blog can do without some great imagery. Images attract people's attention and that's a feature you should be interested in – especially if you'd like to make your blog stand out. Use tools like Canva for creating images for your blog. You can also find plenty of free stock images all over the web. When using images which aren't yours, make sure that you properly attribute them.


2. Polish your writing skills


One way to make your blog even more exciting for its readers is working on your writing skills. You'd be surprised by the amount of online creative writing courses available to you easily from home. By investing in your writing skills, you'll be able to deliver more engaging content, which in turn will boost the popularity of your blog. It's simply worth it.


3. Benefit from internal linking

Linking to your own content in your blog posts is a great idea – it will help people to find out more about your blog content and stay longer on your site. Naturally, the more you blog, the more content you can link to. It will also bring you serious SEO benefits. Just make sure to add links where they it makes sense – you don't want to be overly promotional here. 


4. Update and optimize your posts


Make sure to update and optimize your previous posts – this way your audience will be able to find them and engage with your old content. Recycling content is easy if you're covering evergreen topics like general advice or long-term trend prognosis.


How to update your old posts? You can do that by publishing a new post and redirecting the old link to your new blog post. This way you won't lose any SEO or links that were generated through the previous post.


Make sure that your article redirects to the new post. If you decided to edit the post, inform your readers about it – seeing that it features current and up-to-date information, they'll be more interested to check it out.


5. Increase the number of your subscribers


You probably already include a CTA in every post – but consider adding it also to the top or side of your homepage. You can add a blog subscription CTA to other pages on your site as well. Don't be overly promotional and make sure that the CTA fits the context.


Another way to increase your audience is by creating an effective blog subscription landing page. That's how you can convince your followers to join your subscription list so that they can access your content as soon as it's published.


6. Make your blog more interactive


This is an easy tip. Include strategically positioned social sharing buttons on each blog post. You probably realize that social media has a great potential for extending the reach of your content, so make sure users can share your best lines without any fuss.


If your content is remarkable, it will receive many shares and likes – consequently, more people will be exposed to it. That's how you promote your content and grow your readership – make sure to add follow us buttons as well to help direct users to your social profiles.


Apply these 6 tips to your blogging and you'll be on your way to boosting the popularity of your blog and simply becoming a better blogger.