The stone has long been used for thousands of years for construction, and in the last decades it is being used for decoration. Stone is a unique material and with its strength, structure and color it leaves an impression of sophistication, quality and longevity. For every change you make in your home, make sure you hire a be certain that everything is being performed according to the law.

The stone wall in the interior can be combined with everything and make it warmer simply because the stone is actually the best natural insulator that keeps the heat in the room. There are various ways to alleviate the feeling of cold, for example, by setting a fireplace on that side where the wall is made of stone, rugged carpet or fur mats in front of the wall. Flower pots or individual warm-colored objects can also be placed.

Whether the apartment is decorated in rustic, classical or modern style, the use of stone can enrich every room. Since there are no two same stone structures, there are infinitely many combinations and ways to apply them in space. It is important to note that it should not be overstretched with stone linings, because it can create an unwanted effect. If there is a space in which you want to add a stone lining of a small square, it is recommended that the walls never be covered, but only one smaller segment.

The stone is very popular as decoration in all rooms in the apartment, starting from the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, because it reacts very well to moisture. The stone in the living room will best look if it is placed on the wall where the TV is located, and the complete effect is achieved by installing small spot lights in the ceiling, which further illuminates the texture and highlights its rough sides. After the stone is placed or installed, it should be protected with a special light, because it emphasizes its beauty and structure.
Nevertheless, whether the stone is in the form of small tiles or larger ones, because with properly positioned and directed lighting it becomes an extraordinary detail in the room. The charm of this natural material comes to light when it is being combined with a tree that gives the effect of heat in the room, or glass that reflects elegance and fragility. Although the stone is much more affordable today than ever, its price is still high. A cheaper variant is an artificial stone that looks nice but is not resistant to fire and moisture, and therefore its application is limited. It is not recommended to place it in the bathroom, kitchen, around the fireplace and other heaters, as well as in the exterior.

Easy maintenance

The advantages of stone are numerous: longevity and easy maintenance, natural and rustic appearance of the space, a wide range of colors and textures for everyone's taste and budget. The stone is a very good sound insulator and environmentally friendly material.