Do you know how to whiten your anime body pillow? Here is the tutorial to tell you how to whiten your anime dakimakura cover, and I hope it would be helpful to you to make your dakimakura look clean and white! Here we go!

1.Check the body pillow cover

When we start to wash our anime body pillow, be sure that your body pillow could be washed by the washing machine. And if it is proper to wash, then you should take off the whole pillow cover from the dakimakura pillow inner.

2. Set washing machine

Put your washing machine on hot or whites. You can add a couple pots of boiling water if you choose to do so. If you can, program it for two rinse cycles.

3.Add the ingredients to the washing machine


4.Start washing machine
Then, start the wash cycle. Let it stir the water for a few minutes so all detergents is dissolved.


5.Use the home made whitening to whiten your waifu pillow
Put your pillows in and let the washer continue the wash cycle. This way, your home made whitening agent can work on your waifu pillows.


The above tutorial is what we need to do to help get our anime body pillow white and clean, and if you have some advice, welcome to share with me!