In almost every student’s career there comes a time when they are assigned to write a research paper. Writing a research paper creates a great deal of anxiety in the student. It makes students spend a lot of time in the library and more hours toiling with notes, drafts and dealing with rules of documentation. The research paper writing is an essential aspect of academics. Before starting a research paper student should know what a research paper is all about. The research paper writing involves surveying a subject of knowledge in order to find the best possible information about that subject.
The research paper writing includes the following sections that are related to its process:

There are two major types of research papers. These are an argumentative research paper and an analytical research paper. The argumentative research paper consists of an introduction that clearly introduces the topic and informs the audience which stance it intends to. The main goal of the argumentative research paper is persuasion that is the chosen topic should be debatable and controversial. The analytical research paper often begins with a research question and it’s an exercise of evaluation and exploration.

•Choosing the topic
Understanding the topic or subject is the very first step of writing a research paper. If it is not done student may face many ups and downs, causing wastage of time while writing a research paper. A clear understanding of the topic will allow students to focus on other aspects of a research writing process.

•Identifying the audience
Identifying the audience is the essential ingredients of research paper writing service. In many cases, students get confused between his instructor and the larger academic crowd to whom to make his audience in writing a research paper. The instructor must be considered as one part of the audience. Some questions that help students while identifying his audience are:
•Who is the general audience that you want to reach?
•Who is most likely interested in your research work?
•What is it about your topic that interests the general audience you have discerned?
•If the audience you are writing for is not particularly interested in your topic, what should you do to attract his interest?
•Will each member of the broadly conceived audience agree with what you have to say?
•If not, what counterarguments should you be prepared to answer?
So, it is extremely important for students to articulate an audience in between the two.

•From where to begin
For writing a research paper there is neither a template and nor a shortcut, the only thing that helps is the practice of writing and experience. To become an experienced research paper writer, a student must not only be particular to his genre, topic and audience, but also be skilled in doing research, outlining, drafting and revising (editing and proofreading).

The above mentioned are only a few guidelines to write a research paper. Students can develop their own styles, techniques and rules for doing research, making an argument and drafting the content of their work. But if one follows the above process will be on his way to writing good research papers.