If you are in Largo, you could have read about one of the leading schools in the city that was in the news in September last year because an air conditioner (AC) vent had serious mold issues. Teachers and parents got alarmed about the situation as mold that triggers allergies were found at the school. Mold particles, moisture, and other allergens require quick elimination to prevent indoor air quality issues in the future. Now, have you considered what could happen in case your bedroom has abnormal levels of mold in the air ducts or vents? If you are facing any such issues, consult with an AC repair technician in Largo without a second thought. Problems related to allergens are common in both commercial and residential premises. There are many reasons for mold development but the obvious one is your HVAC system that includes drain pans and pipes, the breeding ground for mold. If your heating and cooling units are left unattended for long, the mold spores are distributed throughout your home. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to effective mold removal. Therefore, to make your job easy, here is how an AC technician will help you manage the situation:

Inspecting the Key Parts of Your HVAC System

You may already know that your home heating and cooling unit is the primary source of moisture and condensation that results in mold growth. When you hire an HVAC technician, (s)he will check for mold development in the drain pans and condensing coils. When the condensed water drips into the pan, it becomes a haven for mold growth. It usually happens when the pan is not installed the right way, or it has some manufacturing defects. An AC repair professional will slope the pan and do a thorough cleaning to get rid of the contaminants, thus improving the overall air quality in your home.
In the case of a mold infestation, a trained technician will clean the dust from all air dampers installed outside. The air ducts require periodic maintenance by experts who check areas with restricted airflow and the ducts for condensation and moisture. If you have mold issues in your home, make sure the technician repairs leakages and water damage problems and maintains the air filters regularly. Sometimes, your AC filters need replacement. You must always opt for high-efficiency air filters. A certified technician will always match the efficiency of the filters with that of your HVAC unit’s performance and airflow.

Installing a Dehumidifier

It is not possible to detect every water or leakage source in your home. This is the reason why you need the assistance of an HVAC expert who will suggest you to install a dehumidifier. If the mold growth is too serious, opt for a dehumidifier for your entire house. It will check mold development and reduce its ability to reproduce and multiply. When you set up a dehumidifier, your AC will transport the air with a reduced moisture level in your home. The current air vents and ducts will circulate the clean, fresh air to the entire house.

Maintaining a Perfect Humidity Level

Connect a digital thermostat with the dehumidifier to maintain the right humidity level in your bedrooms. Set the thermostat to the point that makes you feel comfortable. An experienced technician will adjust the humidity level below 60 to ensure good air quality and healthy breathing. Besides, (s)he will analyze the size of your existing unit and recommend changes, if necessary.

Mold growth and infestation can result in serious health problems if you delay hiring a skilled AC repair technician in Largo. Maintain a comfortable room temperature to prevent mold growth. A professional will examine the coils and ducts where mold could grow, multiply, and breed.