How will we get our meals in 2120? I don't know you say, but also, I don't care because I am not going to be around for that. Well, that's not the point (and you might be around - look into transhumanism).

It is a good question to ask regardless of whether you expect to be here because knowing the way that things are heading is always a good way to be the first to seize opportunities that present themselves. One way to think about whether it seems plausible that we will cook in the year 2200 is to look at what has happened in the last 100 years. 

100 years ago no-one ordered meals online (obviously). There were no fridges so meals were made to eat and never stored. There was little to no ethnic variety of food - people ate what was common in their area and there was little variety (relative to now) as there were fewer chance for external influence.

How much better have things become? A lot! Right now, there are 100s of different meals that I could order and eat with minimal effort. That is pretty good. It is far from perfect though. I still need to wait for my meals. I still need to invest the effort to decide on them. So what might make it better and be a change that we would expect to see in the future?

On obvious improvement would be having the meals we want ready when we want them. Robot cooks are one option, or some sort of service where the meal is delivered, cooked to your door or kitchen (perhaps by drones?). 

Another obvious improvement is that meal replacement drinks (like soylent) and snacks (like mealsquares) become so varied, healthy and enjoyable that everyone eats them.

At CompareMeals we think that the options above are going to happen, but that we won't get there for at least 50 years. We expect the next wave of meal consumption to heavily involve prepared meals, that people will get more and more used to having meals they like in their fridge and less and less willing to spend time and effort searching for them online or going out to order them and waiting for them to be cooked.

However, we could be wrong, and we know that prepared meals aren't going to be the only changes we see. We would love to hear your thoughts.