Hip is a strong and sturdy ball-and-socket joint which is situated at the juncture of pelvis and leg. It supports the upper body and allows a person to perform various activities like standing, walking, or sitting in a smooth way. Any serious injury to a hip joint or degenerative arthritis may limit a person from doing such basic tasks and may degrade quality of life over a certain interval of time. Hip replacement surgery is a great treatment alternative for patients struggling with severe fracture, injury or disabling joint disorder like hip arthritis. This surgical approach involves removing disfigured hip joint and implanting a new artificial joint in its place. 

Who Can Undergo A Hip Replacement Surgery? 

Earlier, it was believed that only older patients are good candidates for a hip replacement surgery. However, the time has changed and doctors are performing hip replacement for younger patients too. Nowadays, patients in their 40’s battling severe arthritis are also being allowed to undergo this joint surgery. Medical experts reveal that advantages of hip replacement procedure in younger patients can dominantly outweigh the risks and complications associated with this clinical hip intervention. Hip joint replacement surgery mainly aims at rendering the following benefits to younger patients. 

•Minimizing hip pain

•Improving range of motion 

•Good health condition

•Maximizing quality of life 

It has been observed that hip implants wear out more quickly in younger patients than others as they are indulged in high impact activities. Patients must consult respective orthopedic surgeons to understand their activity restrictions and strictly follow them.  

Results of Hip Replacement in Young Patients 

At present, this hip joint surgery has not crossed the benchmark of success in case of younger patients. Younger patients are more likely to encounter problems like dislocation of hip, rupturing of implant or mechanical failure as they are more active as compared to older patients. In majority of cases, these hip implants can only last up to 10 years and require a revisional surgery afterward. Various new implants are being tested in laboratory to provide best beneficial results to younger patients. Main aim of any new hip implant is to be more reliable and long-lasting as compared to preceding implant. Patients must visit an experienced medical professional and understand everything about this joint surgery in terms of average tenure of their hip implant and ways to manage it efficiently after completion of procedure. 

Merits of Availing Hip Replacement Surgery in India 

India comes under the category of best healthcare tourism providers across the globe. Availability of highly experienced and talented orthopedic doctors and latest healthcare technology has made this country a preferable medical tour destination among overseas patients. India offers a massive range of orthopedic treatments and surgeries like hip replacement surgery at most reasonable prices. Hip replacement surgery cost in India is merely one-third of the US-based services. Therefore, global patients can easily retain up to 80 % of their hard-earned money by choosing cost-effective as well as high-quality health solutions in India.