The doctor applies liquid nitrogen to the infected spot without touching the surrounding skin tissues. The nitrogen liquid will freeze the skin tag after which the doctor will use a surgical blade to remove the tag and discard it off. This process is very effective as it is less painful. However, this cure for skin tags should not be excessively applied as it will result in pain. An infected finger can happen to anyone. This is a form of skin infection that can affect people from all age groups and all walks of life. Mainly caused by bacteria, this infection is generally seen around the nail bed or on the tip of a finger. An infected finger will definitely cause a lot of discomfort but with some basic care, it can be easily prevented. There are certain basic health steps that should be followed by every individual in order to reduce the possibility of any skin infection. This implies to the case of an infected finger too. In most cases, it is the carelessness of the person that aggravates the infection of the finger. This lack of attention may cause the finger infection to worsen causing a disability or even amputation of the infected finger. If the infection is highly prominent, it is always recommended to seek medical help. A general health assessment will help in dealing with a finger infection. This might seem Blackhead Killer unnecessary but having a little knowledge of the general health condition of the person will help in treating the infection more appropriately. Like for instance, if the person has diabetes then the treatment will have to be more urgent than in a person who does not have any traumatic ailment. Also, it helps to know how the infection initiated. If the infection was a result of an insect bite then some home remedies will take care of the infection conveniently. Almost all finger infections have a particular reason and will need a certain medication. Some infections of the fingers can be easily treated at home and some require professional medication. The most basic or the most fundamental rule is to ensure the hygiene at all times. A good practice is to soak hands in warm water that will reduce the pain associated with infection. However, if there is no positive progress even after a couple of weeks; it is best to visit a doctor. Most medications will involve you to use antibiotics. 


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